Thursday, February 2, 2012

Before and After...Kitchen edition

I know that you've probably seen enough photos of our teeny tiny 3 room apartment to last a lifetime, but for the purposes of memory's sake I really wanted to do a little post about a big change in our Kitchen. I really enjoyed seeing the little transformation that our living room has gone through in the almost 2 years that we've lived here so I thought I would document this as well. You can check out the living room post here if you're nosy like that. ( I know I am) ;) Over the weekend we were downtown running a few errands and I decided to peruse Crate and Barrel as I do. It just so happened that they were having a floor sample sale much to my delight. We bought our living room chair at their floor sample sale a little over a year ago for an amazing price so I was hoping I would score again! Lucky me, I found this beauty for almost 60% off...

It was love at first sight. Swoon.

Along with some of the living room changes I really felt like the art in the kitchen needed to be updated as well, but I spent a pretty penny on my beloved Rex Ray print so I wasn't sure what to do, and since I wanted something just as bold and dramatic I also knew that it would most likely not be in the budget for quite some time.

Our Rex Ray print hanging on the kitchen wall, which is also our dining room/foyer, it's San Francisco people space is limited so rooms are multifunctional;)

 One more time, this is our before....

When I spotted the gorgeous  canvas in the same exact dimensions at an unbelievable price I had to have it, thankfully Mr. Jones felt the same way so we snatched it up and we were off!

Literally we were off... as in we walked this beauty home. It's 54"x54" the last time we transported art this big we had to get a U-Haul. 

 Luckily we live about 10 min from downtown, and it's unusually flat for SF!

Mr. Jones was even sweet enough to get it up on the wall the very next day.

And here is the after my friends.... isn't she lovely.

I love how fresh and crisp it feels and I like how the white background ties in nicely with the stools and other white accents we have right now. This might sound strange but if I had to paint cooking/food/wine/entertaining and conversation I think this is how it would look, it even inspires me to be in the kitchen! Spoken like a true art critic I'm sure ;) 

Now.... where to store that other giant print? Hmmm next on the agenda.

Happy almost Friday friends, hope you too have been inspired this week!

xoxo- miss v.


  1. i think it's lovely. it comes as a new bright wave to your kitchen. happy weekend!

  2. Love it! It really brightens up your kitchen and what a great deal!

  3. It's lovely! It brings character to the room & really lights it up!

  4. I love it! I am constantly wanting to change things up. Marco is not always as enthusiastic about it...heehee! Great find!

  5. I love the new piece!! And you have the perfect wall for it...

  6. I LOVE that piece --- gorgeous! It adds some color without going overboard! :) Good job!!