Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday... Walk with me.

It has come to my attention (thank you Eesh) ha! that I haven't posted since Valentines! I apologize for my absence. I've still been catching up on blogs here and there but the past two weeks have been a bit "off" for me. With my scheduling being funny last week, and this week due to a 4 day professional development workshop I guess the change in my routine has spilled over into my regular posting as well! I do love What I'm Loving Wednesday (thanks Jamie for keeping me on track every week!) so I wanted to share how I spent the glorious three day weekend that just passed!

My dear, darling, wonderful friend Cori was in town visiting from San Diego. Cori is such a special friend of mine that I met through my teaching credential program.

Here we are at our Credential graduation Dec. 2010

She ended up getting a job in San Diego and I am so proud of the amazing work she is doing with her students, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't want her back in SF. One of our favorite things to do together when we were going through the program was just walk and talk for hours early Saturday mornings. Some of my favorite photos of SF were ones that I've taken just walking with her around this amazing city. You've seem many of them here on the blog in fact. We decided to take on one of her favorite walks this past weekend, we caught up on life, reminisced about where we were just a mere year ago and just savored every moment we had together on a beautiful Saturday morning.

The lovely and always enchanting Golden Gate Park

Buffalo in the middle of my city... never ceases to amaze me.

Winding through the park led us to this beautiful windmill and finally the ocean. Truly blessed to call this city home.

And since I totally failed on taking any actual pictures of us... I thought I would share this one of my friend in her soon to be new home. The girl obviously knows how to pick a good city ;)

As if San Diego wasn't far enough she's headed here, to Italy this summer to be with her love... sighh.. I guess there are worse places to visit your friend, right?

In keeping with my little theme of teacher friends and sightseeing... I headed across the Bay on Sunday to spend some much needed quality time with my friend Dana. The weather was glorious so we decided to brunch in the sunshine, chatting, laughing, and being thankful that we could put off the Sunday blues for one more day. LOVE Monday's off.

Thanks for walking with me this Wednesday and taking the time to see what I'm loving lately! Hopefully I'll be back to regular posting later in the week! Mr. Jones and I have a fun little Friday night planned that I'm looking forward to sharing ;) Hope all of you have felt loved by friends this week and have a moment to walk around your neighborhood, big or small, city or suburb and just be reminded of all that there is to love about your very own home sweet home.

XOXO- Miss V.


  1. Haha you're welcomed!!

    I'm always up for spending time with friends! It sucks because my best friend lives in another country & we miss all these moments in each other's lives that we would have shared if she were here but everything will work out for the best, hopefully.

    These are all lovely photos, I especially love the one of the windmill. And Italy? Crap! I'd be so excited to visit there. xx

  2. Thanks for playing along girl!

    I know what you mean about not being able to post a just gets busy!

    So glad you've been having lots of fun with friends :)

  3. Who can't relate to not having time to blog!? What was your professional development for??

    I miss the girls from my credential and masters programs. It's a great group of girls that can relate to everything teaching because they're doing it too!!

    Hope you're having a great night :)