Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday...Busy Bee.

Happy hump day friends. I always look forward to Jamies link up on Wednesdays. It's been very busy around here so it's nice to take a second to reflect and jot down what I'm LOVING this week.

I'm LOVING being a busy bee. It's true, even with what seems like a never ending checklist it feels so good to just get to work and cross things off. I have some classroom stuff that I've been working on, I updated my planning template and have been tackling some spring cleaning and organizing of my school stuff that resides here at home.

I'm LOVING that we had some nice "us" time this weekend in between all of the work and checklists! So nice to get some couple time in and slow down.

 Friday night was date night and of course we had to snap a quick prom pose before heading out. Bless him for putting up with me and my camera.  Reason number 58754749 why I love Mr. Jones.
 Saturday morning we strolled to one of our favorite sunny brunch spots to take advantage of the gorgeous weather. 

Sunny Saturday stroll. Heavenly.

I'm LOVING that Mr. Jones made brownies and filled my car with gas this week!!!! It really is the little things ladies.

I'm LOVING that I have a special surprise for Mr. Jones planned for Valentines day. He really does deserve the world for all that he does for me, so I'm hoping that I can shower him with a little love and appreciation to show him how much it all means.

Sappy but true. ;)

That's it for today time for this busy bee to close the agenda, make dinner, have a glass of wine and spend the evening relaxing!

Hope you lovelies have had a productive and busy week and don't forget to slow down and think about what you're loving on this Wednesday.

xoxo- miss v.


  1. Beautiful photos! You guys are the cutest!

  2. How nice of Mr. Jones!! Gas and brownies, I should tell Kyle :)

  3. Thanks for playing along girl!

    Looks like y'all had a great Saturday :)