Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What I'm Loving brain is mush!

Hi there lovelies. It's halfway through the final week of summer school! We have our Open House tonight and I pretty much feel like that kid on the far right just squeezing the life out of his face. I get it kid. Time for a break.

Actually there are several faces in this crowd that perfectly describe how I feel right about now.

I have loved my students and another great summer working with the YMCA but after a rigorous and long 8 week session of very long days, a million field trips, swimming every week, and teaching a split class with kids at levels all over the place I am ready to sit back, relax, and head to the Carolina's already!

I am loving that my littlest brother was in town this week and was sweet enough to make time for Mr. Jones and myself, while he also had a million friends to catch up with. Love this kid. Hate that he refuses to take a photo for me though!

They love each other ;)

Us making fun of my brother showing him his doppelganger... the new Spider Man

I'm Loving that I am continuing my summer reading and stopped by the Library earlier this week to pick up some good beach reads! I've been really lucky that the last two apartments we've had have been in walking distance to two beautiful libraries! Life saver in the summer for kids books and I always manage to find plenty for myself as well!

I picked up "The Last Song" by Nicholas Sparks, always a good read when heading to the Carolinas since most of his books take place in and around the coastal towns there ;) And I picked up "Goodnight Nobody" by Jennifer Weiner. I loved "Little Earthquakes" by her so I'm hoping this will not disappoint!

And just to round out this total mish-mash of a post I am LOVING like totally OBSESSED with Christina Hendricks on the cover of Lucky Magazine. I MUST have this hair!! Pretty sure I will spend the rest of my life trying to get this look!

Ok well that's all for now, hope all of you are having a happy hump day with lots to love as well!

XOXO- Miss V.


  1. Ooh love that hair too! I will add those books to my list!!

  2. Thanks for playing along girl!

    You can make it through this last week then you can enjoy a break! Yay!

  3. you so deserve a break and i hope you enjoy 'the last song'!

  4. don't you love libraries!!! those sounds like some good reads, im going to try and check them out! have a great vaca!!!!!!