Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A must read...

Hi there lovely blog readers! I am going to go ahead and say sorry because my blog posts will be lacking this week. With it being the last week of summer school and with a vacation coming up, having my brother in town, and feeling super stressed I am just giving myself a little blogging break! I'm hoping to participate in WILW tomorrow as I might have a little "me" time, but other than that I can't promise much!

However I can direct you to the most hysterical Bachelor/ette recap blog posts ever. Like ever. Now you kind of need to dig on this blog to find the posts b/c it's a guy who usually writes about sports and I don't know guy things??? Ha! But his recaps of the Bachelor and the Bachelorette are spot on every week. And yes I get it... while I do love watching and rooting and picking my favs, on these silly pointless shows, I also can completely laugh at the complete ridiculousness of these train wrecks at the same time. So please enjoy. You can thank me later.



Until next time or...I pull myself out of the craziness of open house, talent show, report cards and planning a vacation!

xoxo- miss v.

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