Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Fun!

Well I should be writing my lesson plans right now during my prep time, but it's Friday, and I am distracted with blogging and all that I have going on this weekend! I am pretty excited as the weekend will pretty much be spent celebrating two special ladies!

Tonight we are headed across the bay for a BBQ with our dear friends The Christophersens!

Out to dinner with The Christophersen fam in Jan. Little Makena was almost halfway here!

They just had their adorable baby girl Makena Marie two weeks ago and we are so excited that we get to see them and her much sooner than we had anticipated. The last time we saw this adorable couple was in January when we headed up to Sacramento to spend the weekend with them, but since they will be at grandma's house tonight just a Bart ride away from us we are headed over to see them and shower Makena with love!

On Saturday I get to have a little girls outing to celebrate Tina's birthday! We'll be taking the Ferry over to Sausalito to play Bocce Ball, enjoy a little sunshine and most likely a few adult beverages ha!

Birthday girl and her main man ;)

Little girls...giant brew. Ha!

And we can't forget the lady of the moment Princess Catherine herself will be landing on our shores any minute now! Sad I didn't get my stalk on, down in SoCal but I'm sure there will be about a bajillion photos that I can enjoy all weekend long! Ha!

Such cuties... I can't even handle it!

Happy Friday loves!

XOXO-Miss V.


  1. Looooove the duchess!! Sooo much fun seeing her 40 outfits : D

  2. Love Will and Kate :) My cousin lives in Monterrey and I know she wishes she could have stalked them too :)

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!