Friday, October 29, 2010

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn...

Day three was our dedicated afternoon to Brooklyn, the new hometown of my family. They live in a great area that is surrounded by cool little neighborhoods all within a few block radius. It was a shock to a lot of people that my parents, who had lived in the suburbs their entire lives were so willing and ready to call the city their home. However, it's totally them. They like to be out and about, they like finding new restaurants and shops my dad loves live music and my mom loves all the shopping, thrift, flea, department and boutique that can be found in a large city. They seem right at home and impressed me with their citified selves.

We spent the afternoon heading to the Brooklyn flea which my mom loves for treasure hunting and my dad loves for the amazing food!!

We had a lovely stroll there and I snapped a few pictures of the famous brownstones and a few other row houses that caught my eye.

Love the fall decor NYC style.

All the different colors reminded me of my hometown of San Francisco

As soon as we hit the Brooklynflea as its called Bonnie (my mom) was in full force treasure hunting mode.

Just look at her go!

The flea is held in a big church parking lot the surrounding buildings were beautiful.

Below are a few fun flea finds. I didn't purchase anything but you can bet Bonnie did!

Love the flag as a backdrop

I found this little desk calendar and turned the date to roomie & marks wedding date! Yes I am that friend... obsessed with my friends weddings.

Miss V!

Loved the yellow keys on this typewriter.

Mr. Jones and my dad actually met us there, because believe it or not they really could have cared less about rummaging through a flea market, shocking I know. They were more excited about the food carts so they headed down closer to lunch. We had the most delicious lobster rolls, I had never had one but have always heard how delicious they were, mine did not disappoint!

All that's missing from this shot is the entire Huxtable family.

It was a great way to experience their new neighborhood and a nice afternoon spent with just us and my parents. We spent the evening in New Jersey with family friends for dinner, pictures and post coming soon! Thanks for all your sweet comments so far on our trip and it's been fun to re-cap! Hope you all have a SPOOK-tacular Halloween weekend!!

XOXO- Miss V

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What I'm Loving Wednesday....

Well it's that time again! What I'm loving Wednesday! Once again I'm linking up with littlemissdaisymay to share all of my Wednesday loves.

Get cozy, grab a blanket, maybe an apple cider and settle in, this could be long.

I'm LOVING that I get to post about NYC again, this post will mainly be dedicated to all the things I LOVED doing on Day two!

I'm LOVING that on day two of our trip we started our morning by heading into Manhattan to check out my dad's new office in SoHo. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G is all I have to say. This was the reason my parents decided to move, he could not pass up this job opportunity and as difficult as moving 3,000 miles away can be, at least he gets to work for an awesome company in a fab office building.

My daddy and me on the buidlings rooftop patio...not a bad view.

How could you spend your time inside when this is just a few flights up!

We had a great morning visitng with him and then doing a little window shopping in SoHo. Mr. Jones found some cute new jeans while I enjoyed taking in the sights of the city.

The lovely Empire State Building

We took a break from our strolling to grab lunch at the famous Katz's deli. It was the ONE thing Mr. Jones wanted to do while we were there, and I'm not one to argue with authentic Deli Sandwiches so I gladly obliged.

Oh my ideal meal.. corned beef, sauerkraut and pickles..

Just a girl and her sandwhich... total NYC love.

After stuffing ourselves silly it was my turn to do the ONE thing I wanted to do while we were there and that was head to central park for a stroll and enjoy a glass of wine at the boathouse. The first time I ever went to the boathouse was with roomie 2 years ago when we had a little roomie trip to NYC. We enjoyed lunch and some start gazing while we were there, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon were there as well, so fun!

In front of the lake at the perfect New York moment.

We grabbed two oversized leather chairs in front of the fire and enjoyed a glass of wine while recapping our busy day. It was the perfect way to rest our feet which had been all over the city and take in some good people watching.


I think we have a new fan.

We headed back to the house to meet up with my sister who was taking us out that evening. She is a total social butterfly and of course already knows where to go and what to see in nyc. I raided her closet and we were out the door.

Love my sissy.

We had so much fun and she took us to the rooftop bar at the hotel Gansevort which has an amazing view of the nyc skyline. Even though I live in a major city there is still nothing that compares to nyc nightlife, everywhere you turn there is something to see and do, we did everything that night from the high class Gansevort to the total dive the "Continental".. we had a blast, and it made me miss having girls nights out with my adorable sister so much.

The girls and their Brits.

Day two actually ended on day three... hahah we finally came home in the wee hours of the next morning, and while I had a blast I definitely could not make it a regular occurance, thank goodness for adorable younger sisters, so that you can live vicariously through them!

Well that wraps up Day two, lots more to come, but just to wrap up What I'm Loving, this has to be said,

I'm LOVING that the SF Giants are not only in the World Series, but that all the action is happening steps away from my front door!! Mr. Jones and I headed down this evening to check out the madness, here are a few shots!

Let's go GIANTS

Running into friends everywhere we turned.

Sweet pose.

I'm NOT LOVING the score at the moment so I'm signing off to root on my team! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday!!

XOXO- Miss V

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New York New York!

Well I'm back.. in full swing! There is no way I could possibly wrap up our entire NYC trip in just one post, so I'm going to split them into a few, that way I can share a lot of pictures and memories and have it all written down without really skipping anything. That is what this whole blogging thing is all about, to journal my life right now, so I would hate to miss out on any part of our first trip to NYC together to visit my family! So without further ado... day one!

We started our trip on a red eye out of SFO, we managed to watch the Giants win! And catch a cab before the overflow of the fans took to the streets, we were off to a good start... that is until...

So embarrassed...didn't bother me I just snapped away ;)

Well we arrived to the airport pretty early and Mr. Jones thought we should check out Duty Free, his eye was caught by a lovely Absolute display with shiny gold and glass bottles.. I mean total five year old...just HAD to go and touch it.. next thing you know the entire glass bottle display FULL of vodka mind you is crashing to the floor in a total domino effect...I was crying I was laughing so hard..luckily only one bottle broke but poor Mr. Jones was mortified...the nice man came to clean it up and we didn't have to pay for it but it was a pretty hysterical way to begin our journey. One guy stopped Mr. Jones and said "wow poor guy and she's still taking photos" as I'm crying laughing just shouting "I need these for my blog!! "

We arrived in NYC bright and early the next morning, my parents were kind enough to pick us up from the airport and we arrived to their amazing new apt. just as my mom was getting a HUGE breakfast ready. My mother is the Queen of BIG breakfasts and it was so nice to sit down with my family for a meal after 2 months apart.

The Hostess with the mostest, my beautiful mommy!

Mr. Jones & my brother Julian catching up over coffee

I somehow managed to sleep the entire flight but poor Mr. Jones slept for a total of half an hour between the time difference, red eye flight and no sleep, this was the last we saw of him until late in the afternoon.. ;)

While he was napping I cuddled up on the couch with my mom to catch up watch movies and just enjoy being in their new home!

My mother is an amazing decorator, and while Mr. Jones & I lean towards a more minimalist modern look ( we have to make compromises living together) I absolutely adore her eclectic and artistic style...her house is just full of fun treasures...take a look

Living Room

The ultimate in NYC decor.. the brick wall.. of course complimented by the RED V!

Not only does she have an amazing eye, the lady is an amazing artist, one of her paintings, "The Marilyn" I would die to have her talent.

A few of her treasures.

She loves collecting "numbers" 7, for our family, 5 for her cute.

Her beautiful balcony even in NYC she manages to grow the most beautiful flowers...can you tell I'm jealous much! The woman can turn anything to gold.. I swear!

My family ( meaning everyone but myself) is very musical and loves music although we all have different tastes, I love the combination of feminine touches and my dad's rock posters all together in harmony!

When Mr. Jones finally woke from his beauty rest we decided to tour the neighborhood and check out Prospect Park, the fall leaves are turning and it was a beautiful evening stroll, the perfect NY evening walk...

Loving the fall trees.

Beautiful lake in Brooklyn

The grand entrance

And some of the most beautiful churches I've ever seen.

We spent the rest of the evening enjoying dinner out with my parents and hanging out with the family at home. It was a lovely first day and writing about it makes me miss it so much. Can't wait to share the rest of our trip with all of you! Hope you enjoyed my little tour of Brooklyn day one! Have a great evening!

XOXO- Miss V

Monday, October 25, 2010

Home Sweet Home...

We're back from our whirlwind 5 day tour of NYC otherwise known as my family's new home town! We had an amazing time and as soon as I get through all the photos and finish up some work I will get to blogging about our trip! I feel like it's been forever since I've blogged, I did update my header with a NYC photo that I like but I'm not entirely in love with it.. so we'll see I might change that as well.. hope you all had lovely weekends and can't wait to catch up on all my blogs.. after I catch up on all my school work.. yuck!

XOXO- Miss V

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What I'm Loving Wednesday....

I'm linking up again this week with littlemissdaisymay with What I'm Loving Wednesday! After you read my little blog, head on over to hers and catch up with all the other ladies who are participating!!

I'm LOVING that I finally framed family and friend photos and put them up on our media table, I love the way they look with all the fall colors and I love the way framed photos of friends and family make my apt. feel so homey, full of love and memories.

It was hard to decide which ones would be framed....

But that's the great thing about framed photos you can always change them out depending on the occassion ;)

Best of all... these frames came from the $1 store, inexpensive home decorating, my favorite kind

While I was busy printing these out at Walgreens I went ahead and printed a few others that I love! I can easily switch them out and add new and old ones...

Right now they are making a lovely little b&w collage on the side of our fridge!

I'm LOVING that I found a home for the charms that Roomie gave me when she asked me to be her MOH!! A very sweet gift that has been passed around to the women in her family to bring luck...for her it was a new job and her engagement...fingers crossed it brings me luck as well...

Hope... love it

It's hanging on a vase in my kitchen... I can see it while relaxing on the couch, when I'm cooking, or while I'm having my morning coffee, a constant reminder to have hope, good fortune and most importantly how lucky I am to be loved by such an amazing friend...

I'm LOVING that I will be with my family in NYC very soon!! Can't wait to sightsee, visit with friends and spend time with the fam bam.

I'm LOVING that so many of our friends are suddenly parents or soon to be parents, for the first time and the second time!! I am sad however that the closest of these couples lives 2 hours away, with the farthest being all the way accross the pond in Jolly old England ;(

I'm LOVING that I get to read all of your WILW posts now!!

XOXO- Miss V

Monday, October 18, 2010

Engagement Party Extravaganza!

Well I'm terribly sad to see this weekend go, we had a wonderful time celebrating all weekend long with friends whom we love dearly and I was just reminded how lucky I am to have such amazing friends in my life.

After a great night out Friday celebrating Melissa's birthday, Mere and Mark got into town and we spent the whole day just enjoying the city, shopping and prepping for their Engagement party. Now I did feel like an awful hostess getting my house ready, and setting up for the party in a mad frenzy while they, the guests of honor were here all the while, but what can you do, they were staying with us so, I tried to keep them relaxed and worry free, however I did stumble upon roomie cleaning my bathroom for me... oh well, what are best friends for ;) The boys were hard at work frosting cupcakes, while Mere and I primped and prepped before the guests arrived..

Look at these lil' cuties...

The party was a success and thanks to my wonderful friends I really didn't have to worry about too much since everyone brought an appetizer and a bottle of wine!

Dana's delicious bites..

We had a great turnout and I'm pretty sure everyone had a great time...I had a more than great time...or so the never to be seen video of my "dance moves" tell me... lets just say I brought out an "imaginary top hat" and decided to use it as my "prop"...

Here's the before shot with Mr. Jones & Mark watching the Giants game!

And here's the after shot.. a house full of friends and family.. a perfect evening.

We had food, friends, games, and even a poloroid camera that was a party hit, I wanted to use the pictures in the guestbook, it was so fun to look at the next morning and read what everyone had written! I will definitely use that idea again!

Here's the photo montage table where the guest book and camera were placed...

and here are a few of our lovely guests

The ladies..

Mr Jones & Mark, of course all of our male guests did not stand in line for a group photo shoot like the girls did, so even though these two were not the only guys in the group it's the best I've got hahah.

And I threw this one in because I just think its a cute photo of my girlfriends ;)

Sad to see the lovebirds hit the road yesterday but I know we will be making a road trip to LA soon to look at gowns because.... while they were here Mere asked me to be her MAID OF HONOR!! Yayyy soo excited there were a lot of tears and just all around blubbering and hugging but I can't wait and am so honored. Love them both dearly.

Hope everyone else had a fantastic weekend and I can't wait to read all about them!

XOXO- Miss V