Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weddings & Anniversaries ..our Weekend of Love!

Another fun and busy weekend for us! Friday was our two year anniversary ( we have actually in total been together for four years, but we spent some time apart after college, so it's the two year anniversary part two ha! ) As I mentioned in my previous post we celebrated by buying a new camera and we went to see Despicable Me! in 3D which was so much fun. The movie has such a sweet story line and it's hysterical.

Modeling the 3D glassess...

Saturday was the wedding of our friends Jeff and Erin. It was beautiful and one of the best weddings we have ever been to. Everything was beautifully and thoughtfully done with personal touches throughout the ceremony and reception. The wedding ceremony was held at the church that Erin and her family attend and they had close friends and family speak and sing throughout the ceremony, it was a personal and loving service and the Bride, Groom and Bridal party looked absolutely gorgeous.

The Ceremony and Bride & Groom..

The reception was held at a gorgeous country club. The venue alone was stunning and their decor only added to the beauty of the setting. Their last name is Bear so each table was named after a different type of bear, ours was the "Honey Bear" sweet! Each guest received an adorable hunny bear container filled with candy that they labeled as the "Bear Necessities".

Our good friends the Christophersons were also there, Sean was a groomsman so we were lucky enough to have Serena at our table with us. It was great catching up with them again so soon and are already planning a potential couples Vegas trip in the fall!

Mrs. Christopherson and I...

The handsome Mr. Jones...

The Bears!

Their band..the Wonderbread 5 who had every guest on the dance floor all night long!

The Christophersons and Mr. Jones & I..

The wedding was a blast it was the perfect combination of intimate personal touches, a great group of family and friends, an amazing band and delicious food and drinks! One day...I hope to recreate the same feeling of fun and love at my own wedding, I will definitely think back on this one as my example! Thank you Bears for the wonderful evening!

We headed home this afternoon, the wedding was only an hour away from the city so we were back by the afternoon. We decided that since it was such a gorgeous day we would spend some time enjoying the sun. We had lunch at a great waterfront restaurant on one of the Piers, and spent the remainder of the day playing "tourists" in our own city! We headed to Pier 39 a major tourist attraction for some ice cream and people watching. It was fun to pretend like we were on vacation and while we don't frequent the "tourist" spots in the city it's always fun to see the city through the eyes of people who are visiting and remember that we do live in a destination town.

Enjoying our lunch on the Pier

Playing tourist with ice cream in hand at Pier 39 with the SF Skyline behind us!

We enjoyed a nice stroll and some time in the sun and headed home to relax! Next up Monday, my very last one teaching for now, I'll have a few weeks off and we will head to North Carolina to visit with family so there's lots to plan over the next few weeks... I'll leave you with a few classic San Francisco shots...hope everyone had a beautiful weekend!

XOXO- Miss. V


  1. What a beautiful wedding! I am sure yours will be equally beautiful as well! Y'all are such a good looking couple! Have a great week!

  2. Love all the pictures! The wedding looked gorgeous! Love how they personalized certain things!

  3. The SF Skyline at Pier 39 is such a breathtaking view!