Monday, July 12, 2010

More weekend picures!

As I mentioned in my previous post some idiot (otherwise known as myself) spilled wine all over her (my) camera on Friday night which resulted in only two pictures being taken all weekend. Well thank goodness for less clumsy (tipsy) friends who were able to keep control of themselves because I have a few more to share with all of you! As I mentioned this adorable couple were in town part interviewing for a new job part spending time celebrating birthdays and housewarmings up here with the rest of the gang!

The oh so cute and lovable Mark & Mere

Here we are reunited in all of our "Roomie" glory.. on Friday Night

As mentioned earlier we spent Saturday in the "Burbs" celebrating our friends Housewarming party! Of course the majority of the group shots were taken in the kitchen where the food and drinks were...pretty standard for our group..we love to eat!
The Girls and I posed around the island.. and maybe me showing off my backless one ever said I wasn't a "show off" haha

Mr. Jones making some ridiculous pose and me embarrassingly laughing..

This is Mark pretending to be the host in Mike's "man cave" where we attempted to play games..but the sunshine was calling our names so time inside was short lived!

And these are my two favorite people...Mr. Jones and Mere such cuties!

Well that about rounds out the weekend in pictures! I hope to be getting a new camera on Friday right before we head out of town for a friends wedding! I plan on posting before then and sharing a few pics of where I am currently teaching so you can see where I spend my days! Monday is almost over... I'm headed out to dinner with a few "teacher" friends from my Cohort at school can't wait to catch up with them and see how they have been spending their summers, probably in much more relaxing ways than teaching a group of five year olds! Happy Monday everyone! What are your plans for the week?


  1. Thanks hun! Debating on whether or not I should wear it again this weekend to a wedding??