Sunday, July 4, 2010

Indepence Day in the City...

Happy Fourth of July! So far this Independence day has been hands down the best to date....granted my idea of what a fourth of July should consist of has changed considerably over the years. When I was little it was all about watermelons, sparklers and going to see the fireworks after a minor league baseball game in my grandparents home town. As a teenager it was probably a pool party and bbq, in my early twenties, definitely the beach, fireworks, a new bathing suit and a big party, but this year what I really, really, wanted to do was pack a gourmet picnic and soak in the sun while listening to the SF Opera and Orchestra perform American Classics in the beautiful Stern Grove outdoor Amphitheater! (All signs of getting older haha) Luckily Mr. Jones didn't protest and we spent most of Saturday afternoon preparing for the big day! We pre-made our food, bought new lounge chairs and packed up all of our picnic essentials.

The concert didn't start until 2pm but I had heard that it fills up very quickly (it was a FREE concert..) so we headed out at about 10:30 with bagels and coffee in hand and just planned on making a day out of it!. It turned out to be absolutely perfect... hot and sunny, amazing music, packed crowd and a perfect spot right up front. Not to mention the absolute beauty of the place itself...but I'll let the pictures speak for themselves..

The amazing orchestra!

It was a packed house

Our Spot!

A stroll through the grove..

Adorable club house..

The fog had rolled in at the very here we are bundled and on our way out after an impressive show!

It was a perfect day, I loved the patriotic music, the great crowd, wonderful picnic lunch and spending the day in the sun with the one I love. Even after living here for 3 years and practically growing up right outside of the city it always amazes me that there is still so much more to discover, like the beautiful grove and the FREE summer concerts that they's nice to stay in the city but feel like you are somewhere far away from the hustle and bustle. I will definitely be attending other events such as the ballet in a few weeks! On another note this weekend marked the ONE year anniversary of Mr. Jones and I moving in's funny to think that a year ago we were running all over town and up until the wee hours moving and unpacking...this year was much more relaxing and we were able to enjoy the fireworks show from our balcony again... love our home and that man. Hope everyone else had a happy and safe fourth! Can't wait to read all about em!


  1. I loved reading the post about your favorite 4th of July! You are a really great writer and I love how you talked about how different you have spent your 4th of July holidays! I think I spent all of mine the same way as you did yours!

  2. Sounds like a perfect 4th!! Yay to one year down with living with the boy!

  3. I noticed you're pretty new to blogging...WELCOME!!!
    Your 4th looked amazing. Such a wonderful way to spend the holiday...celebrating America :))

  4. Just came across your blog - what a sweet post! And a great way to spend the 4th. How cool that there are free concerts! Congrats on your 1 yr living together anniversary, I have been living with my bf for a year too, and it keeps getting better each day <3