Friday, June 11, 2010

Premature Post

I think I was so excited to finally enter the blogging world that I kind of jumped in without really knowing what I was if any of you out there who have been doing this for some time or are smarter than I am can help a girl out I would really really appreciate it! How do I customize my blog, who does this? And what advice can you give me about blogging or the creation of a blog!! How do I add friends... or blogs I follow? etc. etc. pretty much the basics!


  1. on the side of blogs it show how many followers a person has, you just have to click follow and thats it :)

  2. Thanks seems simple right?? Even a Kindergarten teacher should be able to figure that out!! ( Ha!) I am working my way around trying to make sense of it all! do you show on your blog which blogs you follow??

  3. Welcome new blogger! IT is fun and you should be a pro in no time. If you want to add website on the sidebar of your blog, click on DESIGN, then click the ADD A GADGET tab. A large window will pop up, scroll down until you see BLOG LIST, click on that. Then you will click ADD TO LIST. Add what you want, push SAVE and wah-lah! You are good to go lady. Looking forward to reading your blog. Have fun!!!