Thursday, June 17, 2010

Just Breathe....

Finally, on my couch with my cup of tea about to start dinner...basically where I've wanted to be for the last 2 1/2 hours which felt like an eternity! Let's just say it's been "one of those" days... It started out great...actually on time ...feeling confident...beautiful day..etc. then, on my way to work I start tripping over people along the way knocking into very irritated "business" people on their way to work with my extra large "teacher bag" just feeling like a general nuisance... I mean really really clumsy, falling all over myself etc..ha..I feel like my Kinders sometimes...still learning the way my body is positioned compared to other objects...basically I have spatial issues...and I tend to walk into oncoming people and objects like an oblivious toddler..hahaha. was great the kids had a great day until 2pm when an unexpected fire alarm went off...quickly had the kiddos in line and outdoors in no time so we were all safe and it turns out it was a "faulty" alarm but they couldn't figure out how to re-set it..I mean even the fire dept. couldn't figure it out?? So... we played games, sang songs, had snack and played a school wide version of freeze dance! It turned out fine but it just threw me off all over again...which led me to walking all the way to the "office" after school, which is not on-site to make ALL of my copies for next week to only realize that I had left them in the classroom in the madness that was the faulty fire drill...ughhh... oh well..moving on. Nonetheless I'm happy that tomorrow is Friday which means Fieldtrip day! We're taking the kids to see Shrek the Final Chapter cannot wait! This weekend should be another beautiful weekend and there happens to be a local neighborhood Street Fair on the Main St. so the bf and I will be enjoying the sun and our neighborhood! Can't wait and will post pictures on Sunday! Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday!


  1. happy friday girly! enjoy the movie with all the kiddies!!
    have a great weekend!!

    p.s. cute blog, new follower! :)

  2. Such a cute blog! I just found you through Brown girl blogs!! New follower!

  3. how much longer do those little ones have school? everyone is out in southern california...

  4. oh it's a Summer "Enrichment" program through the's 7 weeks long..but yea poor kids don't get much of a summer I try to make it fun though!