Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday...Happy Heart.

I am LOVING that Wednesday is here and there are lots of big and little things that are making this ladies heart happy this week.

I am LOVING a little me time tonight! Love me some Mr. Jones but while he was off golfing and having dinner with a friend I took full advantage and made some yummy healthy pancakes for dinner accompanied by Christmas tunes on my Pandora ;) (Don't judge! I just couldn't help myself!) I'm now enjoying lounging on the couch knowing I have the day off tomorrow and indulging in a little Father of the Bride part 2.

Let's just take a moment and ooh and ahh over my dream home ;) Every time we pass a house that looks like this I remind Mr. Jones it's what we will one day call home... A girl can dream!!

And what's part 2 w/o a shot of the nursery...


Speaking of newest little cousins birth announcement came in the mail this week!!

Love this sweet face! If only they weren't soo far away!

I'm also LOVING a fun little assembly we had at school today! The fire trucks came! The kids were elated and even I have to admit I was super impressed with the ladder truck! I had never seen one so close in person!

I must be having a thing with Fire Trucks right now... my 2nd photo shoot in less than a month! Ha!

I am also clearly LOVING getting ready for the Holidays! I am determined to get our own Holiday decorations this year! Mum Jones has so graciously lent us a ton of her extras in the past 2 years but I really want to go for a silver/white/gold color scheme so... bargain shopping I will go! Of course I have pinterest to blame for this obsession!

And I will be making this wreath!!!


And the Holidays would not be complete without a trip here...

New York City!

I am LOVING that we booked our NY visit to see my fam during the 1st part of winter break! We'll be joined by my grandparents coming up from NC and cannot wait to visit with the Samples family to see their newest addition!

Such a blondie last xmas!

So many things making my heart happy this week and so many exciting things to look forward to! Happy Wednesday my friends as always hoping you have lots to love as well!

XOXO- Miss V.


  1. i LOVE christmas time! i know this is awful, but i would like to skip over thanksgiving and celebrate christmas for two months! :)

  2. Thanks for playing along girl!

    I've always wanted to go to NYC during Christmas :)

  3. I love the theme!! Gorgeous!

  4. I went to NYC just after Christmas one year and it was amazing! You'll have so much fun :)

    You look adorable with the firetruck. Such a cute cropped pant and flats combo.

  5. “A girl can dream!” – You absolutely can! And I can’t blame you for loving this house. It is PERFECT in every angle. From the exterior to the interior, it speaks of class and sophistication. I do hope that you will get this house soon!

  6. You remind me of my sister. She’s so in love with this beautiful house near our neighborhood so much so the fact that every time we pass by that house, she always says: “I’m gonna have that kind of house too! Someday!”. Funny, but I really find it great at the same time because this gives my sister a reason to stay inspired and work hard in life. Someday, I know, she’s gonna have an amazing house too!

  7. A girl can dream and can make her dreams come true, right? Without further explanation, I can see why you’re so fascinated with that house. By the way, do you have any idea who owns your dream home? Is it just around your neighborhood?