Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hallmark Holidays...

Happy Sunday friends. It has been a perfectly quiet and relaxing weekend. We watched movies, "Crazy Stupid Love" again (we saw it in the theaters) and agreed it's an excellent movie worth watching multiple times, and Water For Elephants. I feel slightly guilty because I haven't finished the book but I couldn't wait and Mr. Jones actually really enjoyed it, as I assumed he would.

My brother Nick is in town so we met up with him and friends for brunch out on the Piers yesterday and then last night decided to have an impromptu date night out!

It was a lovely evening spent with my favorite date.
Made complete with red wine and red lips.

There's been talk about going to the gym today. I'm on the fence. Ha. I do know though, that I will definitely be spending some quality time on the couch enjoying a slew of Hallmark Holiday movies. I've said it before, but I LOVE the Hallmark Channel and it's movies. I am aware that they are completely predictable and cheesy, low budget and usually starring B and C list actors but I just can't help myself. I love the simple sappy story lines, the happy endings, the comforting plot lines and silly characters. I will never tire of their Holiday movies, and trust me they make a movie for just about any and every Holiday. It is Hallmark after all.

I'm also thinking I might try my hand at a little baking. I love Italian Christmas cookies but have never made any myself. I'm hoping I can be the perfect little Italian Domestic Goddess this holiday season and wow my friends and family with my baking talents. Ha! I figure I should probably start practicing now. That.. and we've eaten all the cookies in the house.

Cute little Jolly Santa.

Those little green and red leaf cookies bring back so many childhood memories.

Thinking I'm going to attempt these little pillows of fig deliciousness ;)
Recipe found here

And these yummy cookies are what I actually do make every year at Christmas for our Girls Christmas Dinner. A very, very simple and decadent cookie to make!

Recipe Here

So while the gym does sound like the healthy and responsible thing to do after lazy weekend of lounging and eating, at this moment movie watching and cookie baking sounds so much more enticing.

What to do....

Hope all of you are enjoying the last day off before another Monday morning comes too soon.

XOXO- Miss V.


  1. I love it! I'm always "on the fence" about the gym :) Those last cookies look delish!!

  2. I have no choice lately by to run-- we have a half marathon coming up in Dec (I can't believe how fast flies!!)

    I just watched a Hallmark movie-- The Long Shot-- I am guilty for watching them too!! :)

    And ps we seriously need to get together soon!! :)

  3. Those cookies look amazing! Baking cookies is always so fun!!