Thursday, November 10, 2011

Confessions of a Shopaholic...

Happy Thursday my lovelies! So excited that today is my Friday and I have a fun slumber party planned with my darling friend Dana over at Many Moments. I am a little bummed though because I left my camera at Mama Kylies house on Tuesday when I was watching her little cutie. I had every intention of taking pics this week to share as well as of our little girls night tonight ;( I just haven't had time to go and pick it up so I'll just get it when I'm there next week. Luckily the internet and Pinterest provided plenty of photos of the things I wanted to share ha!

I have been shopping up a storm. Yikes. So unlike me, but I did a little babysitting last Friday night which is rare so I happened to have a little extra "fun" money on hand for the weekend. Mr. Jones and I decided to head downtown on Saturday to do a little shopping and well, I've been doing a little shopping ever since! Shutting it down today! Unless it's for family for xmas!!

It's not quite decorated like this yet but I just had to post a holiday pic because it's just so pretty.

I don't feel too guilty though since it was "fun" money and they were items I have been waiting for.

I really needed a new pair of Converse. Mine were busted at the seams and provided quite a bit of "air conditioning" not good for the upcoming rainy season.

Mine are Gray which is new for me! I love them!

I lived in Converse for the majority of the past 6 years, being that for most of that time I was a student, and comfort was key. I dress nicely for work these days but it's always good to have pair of cute sneakers for the weekend ;) and casual Friday.

I also splurged on a pair of jeans. And by splurged I mean I bought a pair of 7's half off at the Nordstroms Half Yearly Sale.

I adore them and they are the perfect combination of skinny and flare. Waiting on them to be hemmed since I do not have long super model legs like this ;)

I've also scored a couple cute new things at Old Navy. That store is really hit or miss for me, but right now they have some super cute sweaters that seem to be very nicely made at very reasonable prices. I also LOVE that place for their Sale rack. It's time consuming and you have to check often but the prices are hard to beat.

This lovely was on sale for $9.97

And I picked up a cute thick long sleeve T like this one for $9.50. (Mine is not a henley but I couldn't find a pic online)

We also headed to Bed Bath & Beyond this past weekend (we're so domestic) to pick up a new space heater for our chilly apt. and I found a set of 40 ornaments in gold for only $9.99

And in keeping with my gold and silver theme this year I scoured the internet for a tree skirt and found the best deal online at Sears...

This silver quilted pretty will adorn the bottom of our tree this year! All for a whopping $7.19

And since I'm a die hard budget shopper I also have to include one final purchase that I'm really excited about...

A trip to Portland!

Jules over at Up In The Air, and her Pilot were kind enough to share some of their flight discounts and I will be heading to Portland to visit them next weekend!! (For a majorly discounted rate) I am so excited to visit my dear friend and see her new place and also visit Portland for the 1st time! It's somewhere I've always wanted to go!

Keep Calm, and Shop On my loves. Here's one more resource for savings on Christmas shopping. Try out these for additional discounts.

XOXO- Miss V.


  1. Sounds like you got some great deals! Old Navy is hit or miss for me too but I can usually find something that will work for teaching :)

    Enjoy your long weekend...I know I will!