Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holiday Home Tour!

Well after a few days of decking our halls the house is "complete" and ready for the start of December tomorrow! It's been such a fun year to decorate because after living together for 3 Christmases now I feel like our little holiday collection is finally growing and starting to look like my original vision. I think the best part about living together and sharing a home at the holidays is getting to reminisce over our last 3 Christmases and how the decorations have become a large part of our holiday memories. As we add to our little collection it's one more piece that brings back a memory that we can always share Christmas after Christmas.

One of my absolute favorite Holiday movies. If you're a fan of Bing, Christmas, and old movies cozy up under a warm blanket turn on your twinkling lights, make a cup of cocoa and settle in with this Holiday classic.

I like to think of our decorated home as my own personal "Holiday Inn"

After lots of bow making...

ornament hanging...

tree topping...

and posing in my adorable new apron... (thanks Mr. Jones you're the sweetest)

I'd like to invite you into our home...

Come on in...

No better view in the world, than walking in this front door at the end of every day...

I started tackling our Christmas cards tonight... already have to head out and get another set!

The kitchen ledge decked in red, white and lots of our favorite Jolly round man...

I love a traditional Christmas, vibrant reds, greens, golds, and silvers, but most of our home decor is soft and soothing pale greens, creams and blues, so I decided to use most of our red and white in the kitchen and add to our silver and gold color scheme for the living room. I LOVE how the kitchen turned out!! I think it's actually my favorite!

My favorite holiday decor trick... using past Holiday cards in our regular photo frames! Free and super easy! And I like the fact that we get to display our friends and families cute cards for more than one Christmas!

Just as pretty in the daylight...

Almost all of the decor items here were things borrowed from Mum Jones, gifts from friends and family and other items that were "shopped around the house"

This wine stopper, a gift from Mr. Jones and that Santa gift bag that I've re-purposed to hold wine were the only new purchases for the kitchen!

Moving from the kitchen into the living room we have our gold, silver and green side table. Two new purchases here, our pretty silver tree $7 at TJ Maxx and the glittery reindeer also $7. Inexpensive little finds that add the perfect touch of Christmas among silver tinsel garland, gold ribbons silver balls, gold candles and my little green reindeer tray .99 from Salvation Army 2 years ago!

The main attraction! Our Gold and Silver Tree!

A few new additions... our pretty Charleston pineapple! Been saving this since we bought it this summer!

Seashell Santa... another Charleston find..

2011 Santa..

Can you tell we kinda have a thing for Santa around here?? Hahaha.

Gold and Silver details.

Our "faux" mantle is decorated in faux garland with a string of lights and I added in some silver/gold leaves and silver/gold pine cones, that originally was vase's all about re-imagining what you have to change things up on a small budget and very little storage space!

I also added a red pashmina (Thanks Grinde's) to our white chair for a bit of Christmas "flair"

And shopping the house (the bedroom to be exact) helped with changing the couch pillows and throw to fluffy white, perfect for Winter, a side of red flowers completes the subtle change.

And since I covered just about every available surface in our tiny place with decorations I had to get crafty with card display. A few tiny command hooks, clear wire and small silver bows solved the problem!

And here's my view from my blogging perch!

Well that rounds out the tour for this year, it's a pretty small little space so we've definitely decorated to the max. I am so happy to have it done and ready to enjoy for the next month!

That's all for tonight my friends. It's lights out soon...

Silent night...

all is calm, all is bright..

Peace, Love, and Joy from our home to yours, goodnight my dears.

XOXO- Miss V.


  1. Your home is gorgeous, Andrea! I'm both inspired and envious at the same time :) Really like your hanging cards and mantle decor.

  2. Love it anj! You are a mini bonnie!

  3. Everything looks SO good!! I love the view of the city lights in the background, too!

  4. I love the design on your Christmas cards! It's so cute! I still need to buy my cards that I'm going to send out. I should probably get started on that!


  5. Your apartment is beautiful! I love the layout!

    Your tree is so cute, and so is the silver, gold and green table- such a great idea.

    I still need to buy and write my Christmas cards! Hopefully I'll get them this week!


  6. beautiful home! and that view is fantastic!! new to your blog, love it! xo.