Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Well Hello...

Hi blogland.. I have missed you... I swear! Sorry for the lack of posting as of late, I've been incredibly busy with teaching and social events as well as not feeling so great for the last few days...hoping my new Neti Pot will remedy that...(and it's not just some hippie dippy stuff that I bought in to? anyone ever used one before?)

It's been lovely weather here which has resulted in some lovely walks and plenty of time soaking up the sun...I know it isn't permanent so enjoying every little bit of it as it comes our way!

Pretty Painted Ladies!

I happened to walk home from an assignment last Thursday and felt that it was my blogging duty to snap a pic of these pretty ladies! For those of you not from SF you may recognize them as the houses in the opening credits of Full House! I believe the Tanners lived in the yellow one? It must be strange to actually live in them as the park across the street is always full of visiting tourists and locals snapping pics of these iconic homes!

A few other pretty little things that I discovered on my walk home that day...

I should make it a point to walk past this garden every day!

Urban gardens...my favorite, such a beautiful contrast against the industry and busyness of city living.

The charming streets of Hayes Valley

After a busy week teaching science I spent the weekend doing all things girly...

I saw this new movie with my darling friend Ms. Graham

I actually really enjoyed it as a movie on its own, but per usual there were many twists and deviations from the book itself.

I also finally picked this up while we were out and about...

I know... I'm the last person on the planet to read this, but I am so excited to dive in, I started the first chapter last night and am already hooked...

After the movie and Barnes & Noble I headed out for a few glasses of wine with these lovelies...

Love them...

Saturday I was up bright and early and headed out to a Bridal shower for a family friend, where we were treated to a fancy lunch, lots of talk about the Royal Wedding as well as meeting and catching up with friends and family of the bride that I cannot wait to celebrate with come wedding day!

Our Bride to Be and some new kitchen must haves courtesy of Mum Jones!

Gorgeous flower arrangements...

Bride to Be holding her adorable niece, myself and Mr. Jones' "auntie" Carmel who is the future Mother in Law! Love these ladies so much, and their families who feel like my very own after all of these years...

Sunday we celebrated Moms and Mums ha! I called my pretty mommy in NYC and she was enjoying a fantastic brunch in the East Village with my Dad and siblings.. sad I couldn't be there but happy to hear she was having a great day...She's so trendy.. "just brunching in the East Village on mothers day" Oh Bonnie... you're too cute.

After cooking up a storm all morning, chocolate cake, crab stuffed mushrooms, and bacon for a wedge salad we packed up the car and headed to the Joneses where we celebrated Mum Jones by grilling steaks and eating way too much! We talked about the Royal Wedding again ( not complaining could re-live it every day ha!) and watched the Kings Speech... now for the 3rd time... (Can you see a theme here? yeaa the Brits like all things British, love the Joneses)

Mum Jones and I at the Bridal shower the day before...Can't imagine not having this 2nd Mum in my life!

All in all it's been busy but wonderful, well minus the sinus problems and the impending "meet and greet" with my Neti Pot..

No one knows how to start a party on a Tuesday night like me... I know you're all jealous.

Take care my lovelies...

miss v.


  1. ugh, i hope you feel better! and i am so excited for you to read the help...it is amazing!

  2. Love all the San Fran pictures :)

    I can't wait to see Something Borrowed! I'm reading The Help right now too but have only read one chapter so far!

  3. I love the sign near the garden!!
    And I really enjoyed SB! They better make the next one!

  4. Loving your blog! Just came across it from another blog. :) I used the Neti Pot a couple of weeks ago and worked well! Dr. Oz believes in them!!

    Hope you get to feeling better!

  5. As a fellow teacher that got sinus infections constantly my first few years of teaching, the Neti pot was my BFF. Although, some words of advice from my doc: he told me to use it when I felt congested or started feeling sinus stuff coming on, but if I knew it was a full blown infection, not to use it because it just spread the infection elsewhere. Not sure if he's right or not but I tried to follow the advice and so far, so good.
    On to prettier things. The pictures from your walk made me want to be in San fran immediately. I especially love the gardens and that little sign. So neat! Hope the rest of your week is going smoothly.