Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Home Sweet Home...

I meant to post this yesterday for wilw, but due to the fact that my internet didn't want to work.... I had to catch up on Bethanny and Pregnant in Heels as well as finish my book that I just couldn't put down..I figured it would be ok if I put off blogging for one more evening.

So here it is.. what I'm loving Thursday ha.. Home Sweet Home. We've had some pretty beautiful weather here in Northern CA which has led to some pretty gorgeous sunsets creating that perfect evening golden hour where everything seems to be bathed in gold. I couldn't resist snapping a few pics of the house looking so perfectly glowing ...

Welcome home!

A few other things that I'm loving around the house are these beauties...

Strawberry delight.

And this little singing bird that has taken up residence on my balcony! I had a real Cinderella moment when I caught him out there... pretty flowers, sun shining, clean house.. sweet little birdies chirping on my balcony.. I cute. Although I think he's really out there stealing the "straw" from my window basket.. one can dream right?

Anyhow it's a busy busy week of teaching so I'm off for today hope you lovelies have lots to love this week!!

xoxo- miss v


  1. Y'alls apartment is beautiful! I love the light in the bedroom :)

  2. Love your Cinderella moment! Too cute! We have little blue jays that are feverishly trying to build a nest on our deck! Can't wait to see if they pull it off! :)