Monday, May 2, 2011

Happiness is...

I'm finally at the point where I have almost mastered balancing my weekends with the perfect amounts of relaxation and fun.. where there is time for friends, family, Mr. Jones and even some "me" time... and trust me this is the time when I'll really be needing it because now that May has arrived there is literally no slowing down until late next fall! Just about every single weekend is booked clear through this happens I have no idea but I'm happy to be busy with so many wonderful activities and events because happiness to me really is that perfect balance of peace and relaxation mixed with adventure, fun and excitement.

Happiness is...

Palm Trees and California dreaming...

Time spent with loved ones near and far...

Sunset strolls...

Happiness is...
Royal Weddings...

The most perfect reason to wake up at 2am on a Friday. And yes these were read cover to cover in the months leading up to the big day and I have watched it in full 3 times now...perfection from beginning to end.

Happiness is...

Showering our very own bride to be ;)

My beautiful friend Lindsay flew in all the way from Miami for her bridal shower this past weekend, exactly one month before the big day...such a beautiful afternoon spent with my loves!

Perfecly girly in every way.

Princess seemed to be a theme this weekend.

Oh... and I finally convinced Mr. Jones to sit down and watch this ;) Total happiness.

Between time with friends, bridal showers, royal weddings, disney movies oh and some serious pool time this little lady definitley felt like a little princess all weekend.

Hope you find your happiness this week... whatever it may be.

XOXO- Miss V


  1. You looked like you had a wonderful weekend! The bridal shower looked so sweet and I am SO with you on the royal weddings!! Oh and Tangled is the cutest...we love the horse! Haha! :)

  2. I love Tangled!! Best Disney movie made in awhile!!

  3. looks like you had a fabulous weekend!!

  4. Happiness is definitely a choice. Finding that balance is key! Sounds like a wonderful weekend.


  5. Sounds like you are are having a ball!