Saturday, May 21, 2011

It's raining men...

I've been working and training the last few days and this cutie has been playing golf... tough life babe. Ha! Sorry I couldn't resist forcing a photo shoot on Mr. Jones the other day when he came home... "Sporty" Mr. Jones is one of my favorite looks... he'll be mortified to see this on the blog.. but oh well if I'm taking a picture you should just go ahead and assume it's goin' on the blog at some point. ;)

It hasn't been all work and no play though, I did manage to sneak in a nice looooong lunch with Kylie and her super, uber, adorable little boy Ryland...

Love them.

The school that I do most of my subbing at happens to be practically in the town I "grew up" in. It's funny how when you are younger you think you can't wait to get out of your hometown, and then as you grow up you finally realize what a wonderful place it is and how lucky you are to be from there.

Beautiful day for a stroll downtown

Maybe it's just me but I love driving down familiar roads remembering my youth and then also dreaming about perhaps one day sharing that place with a family of my own. The downtown is charming and we decided to spend our Friday lunch at Crepevine lucky for us Ryland was pretty content and allowed his mommy to spend almost 3 hours with me at lunch! What a trooper!

look at that face... I just want to squish it!

Overall it's been a little bit of cuteness overload over here with all of the handsome men in my life haha!! A little time with them and sweet friends makes all of these long days ok.. and bearable. Back to a full day of training tomorrow hope ya'll are having a more relaxing weekend! Thinking I should treat myself to a nice glass of wine after a looong day of summer school training! Cheers my dears!

xoxo- miss v


  1. Ryland is such a cutie!

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

  2. Such a cutie!! :)

    And so true about the town you grow up in being a fabulous place, but weird that it's so hard to see that while you're growing up...