Friday, May 13, 2011

Princess Pity Party.

This is pretty much what I've felt like all week...

Crying, snot nosed, baby...except the Asian part...although I guess we could view that little thought bubble as one giant expletive which would actually be quite fitting.

Luckily I was not scheduled to work today and I was able to get a Dr's appt. due to a cancellation, thank goodness for fortunate events. I've been advised to stay home get rest and take my medication and if all goes well should be in better shape come Monday and hopefully back to my normal chipper self...

Like this...taken the other weekend after Lindsay's bridal shower ;)

I managed to work M-Th, because well it seemed rather difficult to me to explain that the school would need a sub for it's sub.. due to me not feeling well, but a three day weekend should do the trick . I'm really bummed because I missed out on a lot of fun events I had planned, like dinner with Tina and our AXO Alumni chapter on Wed, visiting Kylie and baby Ryland on Thursday, a movie date with Ms. Graham tonight and The Christophersen baby shower tomorrow.

However with Mr. Jones out of town, I will be treating myself to some over indulgent pampering such as dinner in bed, a Hallmark movie marathon, and some serious full on girly me time, nails, bubble baths the works, because what's a girl to do when she's feeling under the weather except have a pretty princess pity party. ha! As long as I'm good to go for Lindsay's wedding and summer school in 2 weeks I am a. o. k.!

Looking forward to celebrating Linz and some serious fun!

Speaking of weddings... I'm sure you've all seen this...

Love love love.

Too cute and funny... maybe I'll watch the Royal Wedding again online.. that would just be the icing on the cake!

Hope you're all off to wonderful weekends, I promise to shut down this pity party come Monday morning and will be back in full blogging force!

Until then my dears!

miss v.


  1. What a poor little baby!

    Those wedding/Cinderella pics are SO funny!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. OK...the similarities between the royal wedding and Disney is uncanny!!! Too good!!! :)

    Hope you're feeling better...being sick is just the pits!