Monday, January 3, 2011


Thanks Mere for the photo ;)

Well 2011 is here and the holidays are over. I spent the entire day cleaning and organizing all of the holiday decor, moving furniture back to its original home and trying to find space in my refrigerator for all of the left over bottles of champagne...guess I'll just have to start everyday off with a mimosa, to help clear the fridge space?? Just Kidding... but seriously one of my friends needs to host a party stat so I can start gifting these things!

We hosted a small group of friends for New Years and I am soo sad to say that I did not capture a single moment of it!! How is this possible?? I guess I was waaay to busy having fun and running around making sure everything went off without a hitch that I just decided I would let my friends document the evening and I would just focus on having a good time and hosting. Oh well thank goodness for facebook and your friends cameras because I do have a few to share thanks to my darling friend Tina!

First guests arrive!

For this party since I knew it would be a smaller crowd than our usual shin digs I really wanted to play a few games to get the party going and to create some excitement! I have been dying to have a "Minute to Win It" themed party for a while now so... I thought that with the theme of the night being "countdown to the New Year" a "minute" themed party seemed appropriate! If you are not familiar with Minute to Win it it's a game show on NBC that involves crazy minute long challenges, using most household items, so it was super easy to prep and plan for! We decided to keep it extra competitive and make it a guys vs. girls challenge!

Setting up the first challenge!

Lane trying to win one for the girls!

Fiance vs Fiance in the appropriately titled "Hanky Panky" game hahah

Look at them go!

Sore losers in disbelief ;)

Overall there were six challenges with the Guys winning 5 and the girls only winning one, thanks Mere! Even though the ladies didn't win I'm pretty sure everyone still had an awesome time playing these ridiculous games and cheering each other on!

Thanks to all of our lovely guests for making the end of 2010 a great one and I couldn't have imagined spending New Years with a better group of people! Here are a few of our lovely guests...

Mark & Mitch in matching looks ;)

Jules & Steve

Lovely Ladies!

Lane, Rach, and just a few beverages....

And last but not least, Mr. Jones and myself

Since Mark & Mere were here visiting for the weekend we decided to head out Saturday for a late brunch and some delicious Irish Coffee's at Buena Vista! I think I may have found my new favorite foggy day drink! We had a great time laughing about the prior evening and making stupid faces with our cream...

While the boys just sat there looking cute.

It was a great weekend ringing in the New Year with some of my favorite people! Now off to start the new year right! Job hunting has officially begun! I hope that the new year brings me lots of good fortune with this and I am so lucky to have such a great group of friends as a support team! Hope you all rang in the New Year with those that you love!

XOXO- Miss V


  1. Looks like a great new years!! Love the sparkle in all those pics :)

    Happy 2011!!!

  2. Looks fun! I wanna hear more about these challenges you did!

  3. What a great idea! I am going to have to throw on of those game show party now!