Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Joy of Cooking...

I know I give myself a hard time about my lack of cooking skills but I really do love being in the kitchen...when I have the time, and as long as I'm not completely ruining something.. (as I may potentially be doing right now..crap.) However, I find that the only time I have the patience or the motivation to get in there and try my hand at a new recipe or even a a tried and true one, is during school breaks, and it just so happens that I have found myself to be on an indefinite break right now;) So, instead of re-capping a million Christmas photos of the standard gifts and decorations I thought I would share our Christmas in a food lovers photo montage. We did quite a bit of cooking and eating for that matter and I think I love taking photos of my food as much as I like eating it, obsessed much ? So with that said, here is our Christmas in food...

Christmas Eve Lunch... Paninis made by yours truly! I thought the colors were festive!

Italian Feast!

Fluffy White Snow Flake Biscuits

Mr. Jones making Grandpa's famous meatballs for Christmas Eve Dinner

Our Christmas Eve table set with care...

The Joneses for Christmas morning brunch! Full English Breakfast made with love by none other than Mr. & Mr. Jones.

And then just a few hours, several sausage rolls and quite a few cups of tea later... Christmas Dinner was served thanks to the wonderful chef Mum Jones!

The cooking has not stopped, we hosted my dad and brother for dinner the day after Christmas, (my dad flew out to help my brother finally make the move east, as I type, my dad and him are doing the cross country drive) and we were still working on leftovers until today when I whipped up my sisters famous enchilada's for dinner! (This post was written pre and post dinner). So there you have it, given the time and opportunity I just might turn into a little kitchen queen after all.

Bon Appetit! - Miss V


  1. You are so cute! You should post the enchilada recipe...I would love to have it! The food look amazing!

  2. Yum! Everything sounds delicious!

  3. I am the same way! I love cooking...but it stresses me out at the same time!

  4. love all of the food! looks like yall had a fabulous christmas!

  5. Sounds delish!! I love cooking too, just hope with practice I get better at it :)

  6. You and Mr. Jones are incredibly good looking...so is the food.

  7. wow! so damn delicious!
    amazing shots!

  8. New to the blog! You and your blog are adorable. The food looks amazing and very comforting.

  9. I agree, I wanna see the enchilada recipe! :)

  10. I can't wait to take photos of the lavish desert we will be making this weekend. Yep, we're making it! Deal.