Monday, December 20, 2010


I did it... well almost I'm still technically one test and one course away from becoming a certified teacher, but my program held its graduation ceremony on Thursday and what a great feeling it is to be one step closer to my goal! I loved our ceremony it was very intimate and casual, you were able to sit with your guests and you were presented on stage with your graduating cohort, there were speeches from our professors and we the graduates performed songs, poems and evenone group had a drag queen who performed "The Children are our Future" oh San Francisco, how I love you! Hahah. After the ceremony we jetted off to the VJones Salon for their Holiday party hosted by Elle Magazine! It was a great night of celebrations! Now off to finding a job!

We did it!!

That cute lady holding up her certificate is Nicole from the blog LaMiaVita I am so thankful for all of the friendships that I have made throughout the program and befriending Nicole and sharing our love for teaching and blogging has been so much fun! I am crossing my fingers that we both get lucky with a job next semester!

Pretty much as soon as I walked off the stage we headed straight to Mr. Jones' parents hair salon where they along with ELLE Magazine were hosting a holiday party!

All decked out for the event!

The party was so much fun, the stylists were doing hair and make up, while food and drinks were being served and a DJ was spinning, there was a vendor there who made the most amazing headbands, according to Mum Jones in England they are called Fascinators, and you see them worn at Weddings and other formal events. We toasted the holidays, my graduation and the salon in style and enjoyed a fun night with family and friends.


Here I am with the lovely Mrs. Jones (not mum Jones) and Mrs. Scott, (friends of Mr. Jones' parents) they are such special women to me and have been a part of the Jones "family" for a long time, they were both teachers Mrs. Jones in Scottland and Mrs. Scott in England and have been a great support system throughout my program! And don't they look lovely in their "fascinators! "

Everyone getting party perfect!

Mr. Jones and I toasting to the night!

Mr. Jones' brother Alex and his lovely girlfriend Gina celebrating with us!

What a great night! Please keep your fingers crossed for a job! Until that happens I am working on my resume and will begin the substitute process in January. Besides the graduation and the salon the rest of the weekend was filled with celebrating the holidays with my girlfriends at our annual Holiday party and an early toast to my 28th Birthday which is tomorrow... yikes! Lots to celebrate right now and so happy that I can share it all with you!

XOXO- Miss V


  1. congrats to you and miss nicole getting through your teach cert!! good luck to your employment endeavors!!

  2. Congrats on being certified now!! That's awesome :) Good luck with the job search!

  3. Congrats on your teaching credential!! I've got my fingers crossed for you (and for me!) in finding jobs :)

    Love the hats/headbands, so fun!

  4. Congrats girlie!! I will keep you in my prayers for a job!! You will be the BEST teacher!!

  5. You are so cute! Love that you and Nicole are in the same program well (not anymore) Congrats! That's awesome here's to finding a job!

  6. oh my gosh hahah that's such a funny picture! thank goodness i got my certificate! i was sweating for a few minutes there!
    i am so thankful for you and the fun car rides after class, venting, gossiping and chatting! we will get jobs we will get jobs we will get jobs we will get jobs! {maybe even at the same school!}

  7. Congrats!!!! Good luck with the job search! I will need the same luck in a few semesters :)