Friday, December 10, 2010

Deck the Halls...

Well I've been talking about doing this post for a while now, so I kind of feel silly because my Christmas decor isn't that amazing, it's just a touch here and there, but I'm pretty happy with it! Of course one day if I have a fire place and a staircase I would die for garland everywhere and lights outside the house with a pretty Christmas wreath, but until then I'll have to keep dreaming and deck the halls of my little city apartment ;) Hope you enjoy!

I'll start with the kitchen...

Deck the halls with boughs of holly...

Here I just switched out my copper Fall leaf serving plate with another one I had that was conveniently green and adorned with a lovely while reindeer, added some silver garland and silver balls, along with pine cones and a candle and wahlah...Christmas Kitchen!
(This is the ledge above my sink and long counter)

Faa la la la la la la la la...

In one corner I have my very beloved cookbooks, so beloved in fact that I never touch them, in fear of wear and tear.. (ha) In the other corner I have this very cute tea pot and simply switched out my photos and added some cute Christmas cards that I received last year!

Tis the season to be jolly...

I am fully aware that the very vibrant oranges and yellows in my painting clash with my Christmas colors, but what can you do, until I can convince Mr. Jones that I desperately need Christmas wall art, it will just have to "work" ;)

This is the "entry table" it stores DVDs and CD's on top are some cute nutcracker candle holders and monogrammed napkins from my grandparents, Christmas colored flowers from my darling Mr. Jones (love him) , vases with tinsel and ornaments as well as being the home of our Christmas cards... can't wait to fill it up!

Fa la la la la la la la la...

Off to the living room! Here we have some more of that silver garland and I attached red and silver balls to it as well as switching out our center photo with another Christmas card from years past! I love being able to re-use my old cards, I'm always so sad to put them away every year!

Just a touch of Christmas red...

In the living room I just added two red pashmina's to the white chairs, thanks to my dear friend Missy and her lovely bridesmaids gifts from her wedding!

The main event!

And of course our lovely tree! As you can see our colors are red and silver with a touch of green, almost all of our ornaments are thanks to Mrs. Jones, one day I hope to have her decor collection, she has every color and theme imaginable... taking up an entire wall of their garage..I am starting small, and have one box dedicated to holidays and party supplies...

A small but growing collection ;)

Enough to make Mr. Jones cringe... hahaha, I am slowly taking over the storage closet with other odds and ends that do not fit in the box.

Hope you all are having a very merry holiday season! We are headed to the Big Apple again and can't wait to take tons of holiday pictures there and share!

XOXO- Miss V


  1. Youre apartment is adorable! i love it :)

  2. LOVE it all! The view from the window is beautiful!

  3. your house looks so adorable! love the decorations!

  4. Loving your decorations! Merry Christmas to you and Mr. Jones!