Thursday, January 13, 2011


WAGS is a term used to describe Footballer wives and girlfriends hence the W.A.G.S. title.. I like to think of myself as a WAG with the best of them..such as my personal hero Victoria Beckham haha. (slightly kidding here...mostly not )

As some of you may know Mr. Jones is an adorable Englishman and being from England he has played football (or soccer as we Americans know it) his whole life. I couldn't help but snap a few pics tonight of him trying on all of his new gear for his upcoming season... of course all of this is training gear for a local club team, as he does not ACTUALLY play for the Professional Football Club Liverpool (even though I'm sure he likes to pretend) Anyhow he was like a kid on Christmas morning when he walked in the door with these packages tonight...

Maybe its just me...but only this guy could make "mens capri" training shorts look this cute ;)

What about this "action" shot in this tank top????? OMG I die.

A gift from me last xmas to replace his original, but does it get more British than this...Liverpool Tea Cup!!

"You'll Never Walk Alone"

What's really funny is I just found out last year that Liverpool's "theme song" if you will is "You'll Never Walk Alone" which oddly enough happens to me my FAVORITE song from my favorite Rodgers and Hammerstein musical "Carousel". I probably watched this movie 5347587676 times as a young girl and I like to think that Mr. Jones and I were belting out this song when we were both children even though he was all the way across the pond it's one of those weird things that makes you feel connected to someone before you even knew them.

He's pretty cute and I think I'll keep him... capri pants and all.

XOXO- Miss V


  1. Haha, Mr. Jones is too cute! No way M would ever be caught dead in capris!!

  2. OMG....hillarious! Every adult is allowed to act like a kid every now & then.

  3. How cute! Hope he has a great season!

  4. Is the Mr. from Liverpool? I got to go there for work last year and loved it! Such a cool place :)

  5. A Liverpool supporter ? Nonsense, it must be Arsenal! What is it with men and football anyway!?
    ( football for me (;!)

    Also, i adore your blog-it's so beautiful and warm and i love reading it. It's captivating and fun and i can't wait to read more...

    P.s. I'm pretty new to this whole blogging thing and was just wondering if you had a spare moment could yo take a look at my blog? Love it or detest it-any comment from from a pro like you would be really appreciated!
    Thanks! x

  6. Heheh this post is adorable. And hilarious. :P