Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday....

Ok so to be perfectly honest I have no photos for this post, so feel free to become totally over it right about now... I am just doing this a) for myself to keep me in the habit of journaling regularly and b) because I just love Jamie who hosts this and I think she is the sweetest person that I have Never met hahah.. love blog friends ;)

I am LOVING that I spent today volunteering in a girlfriends classroom, I say this a lot, but I am so lucky to have so many friends in the same profession and watching them in action always amazes and inspires me.

I am LOVING that Mr. Jones and I will be hosting a pizza party for my lovely friend Lindsay and her fiance Ben on Friday night who are here this week wedding planning all the way from Miami... wait I lied I can include a photo of us from her bachelorette!! yay!! (ps I have super dark hair in these pics...)

Some of the girls on our 1st night in Miami!

Cuteness...bride to be

Ocean View Suite in Ft. Lauderdale...amazing.

I am LOVING that I get to visit my old classroom tomorrow and spend some of the day volunteering with my kinders... I miss them and my master teacher on a second by second basis..already miss being her student teacher and wishing I was lucky enough to still be there right now!

I am LOVING that Mr. Jones and I had an impromptu date night last night! Yes, be shocked.. I never, hardly ever, rarely, can be seen far from my living room on a weeknight..but the mood struck and we went out to dinner and it was lovely.

I am LOVING that the weather has been so beautiful and I am hoping for a lovely weekend of being outdoors and spending time in the sunshine enjoying my favorite city by the bay!

And on that note, I am LOVING the blog world and meeting new people my sweet friend Kristin over at Live.Laugh.Frappy introduced Miss Ashley over at Love, Live and Be happy to me since her and her husband will be spending their anniversary in SF! I can't wait to play travel planner and fill her in on all kinds of fun things to do and see here in San Francisco!

Happy Hump day to all of you hope it's been a wonderful week!

XOXO- Miss V


  1. Awww, thanks for your blog comment. Teaching is THE best! I hope you find your full time position soon because you will love it! It took me awhile to get my foot in the door, too. Looking forward to reading up on your blog!

  2. I can hardly be pulled out of the house on week nights but on the occasion that we do have dinner out or something it's always such a nice change!

  3. Thanks for playing along girl!

    Date nights during the week are the best!

    Have fun visiting your old classroom :)

  4. How fun visiting classrooms! I love doing that and getting so many ideas :)

  5. Yay for new blog friends!! One of these days I am coming your way lady and we are going to finally meet!! :)