Sunday, August 15, 2010

North Carolina...

Well we've been in North Carolina for a full two days now and have been going non stop! We've spent each day visiting with family, celebrating, relaxing and stuffing ourselves silly. I'll do a longer post after we return but just wanted to share a few pictures of today and what we've been up to! It's already going by way too fast and I have had to take care of a few school details since being here..which defeats the point of a vacation, but.. that's ok. I'm getting pretty excited to meet my 22 new Kinders in one short week!

Here are a few shots from this evening, there are many more but trying to type this quickly before Mad Men begins! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Went to an outdoor concert that the Greensboro Arts Council hosts, my adorable grandmother is a member and helps to organize the events over the summer!

A packed crowd, bubbles, hand fans, fried chicken and Carolina Beach music... we are now officially in the south!

Spending lots of time with my cutie pie brothers and sister...

Cousins doing the "model pose"...

trouble... ;) my sister and cousin

Mr. Jones ...taking it all in ;)


  1. glad you are having a great time! you made me hungry with the fried chicken talk! :) and your grandparents are adorable!!
    I mentioned you in my post today :)
    Oh ya, I was gonna ask you, did you already take the CSET?

  2. Thanks for the mention!! Made my night! Also I did take part of the CSET I still have to take two more sub-tests though before this next semester is over..super stressed! Why do you ask?