Friday, August 6, 2010

A New Chapter....

Well, yesterday was the final goodbye for Mom and Dad. They are well on their way now on their cross country adventure and although there were a lot of tears there was also a lot of excitement and a feeling of it's going to be alright. They have decided to do the drive cross country and at the last minute a pang of regret hit me, and for about a second I thought maybe I should just jump in the car with them and just go for it...that feeling quickly subsided when I thought how much more relaxing it would be to make the 5 hour plane flight with a glass of white wine in one hand and the newest US Weekly in the other... so I think I'll stick with the original plan and just see them very shortly in October. Besides, I guess I should help Mr. Jones move all of our stuff this weekend... ;)

After we said our goodbyes, (which actually totaled in like three because of course I forgot my wallet and then my planner at their house, and each time my dad tried to pass off more stuff for me to take that they could not fit in their car..) I finally hit the road and went to get my hair done because with all the new changes going on in my life I thought what better way to just start completely fresh than with a new hairstyle... HA! I'm a wimp and I have been loving having my long hair now for too long so I just had a trim, but it was a wonderful opportunity for me to FINALLY go to the brand new VJONES Salon owned by the amazing Mum and Dad Jones Family (as in my Mr. Jones!) Lucky me! ( and no the V in V Jones Salon has nothing to do with me...that's a whole nother post).

The Beautiful VJones Salon

Very Clean and LOVE

My favorite part... the hair washing stations...and yes I do require a Blog isn't titled "Short" and Sweet for nothing...

And here is my other favorite "Mr. Jones" working the front desk!

It's truly a beautiful space and my pictures don't really do it justice, I had been there before when it was in the process of being remodeled but having been there as a client was wonderful and my stylist was a total sweetheart as well. I would post pics of the "Do" but like I said I just had her trim it up and I'll get some pics this weekend, it's the 4oth anniversary of Mum and Dad Jones and they are throwing a big party to celebrate.

Ok I've gone on too long I have to help the Mr. pick up the U-Haul and get the rest of our things over to the new place today! I'm not sure if there is internet at the new apt. yet... (ehhhh mini panic attack) but hopefully I can update you later this evening on the JOYS of Moving...

XOXO- Miss. V

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  1. The salon looks so nice!! I love the modern look! Cant wait to hear why its named V Jones Salon... Hope you are settled soon at the new place!