Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Just Because....

Just because the sun went down and I have to do a double take every time I walk into my living room and see this view... I take back every mean and evil thing I said about SF today and it's blasted below freezing summer temps and fog... because this skyline just takes my breath away and reminds me why I love this city...

Makes me want to be all romantical and drink wine and listen to jazz... so cheesy I know!

But as cheesy as that might be... it's exactly what I'm doing.. it's helping me unpack the horrendous amount of "stuff" that still needs to find a home...

XOXO- Miss. V


  1. Ill start by apologizing for being a nosey blog stalker but THAT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!

    where do you live??

  2. Haha don't apologize! I live in San Francisco, which is notoriously foggy and cold in the summer...our "summer" doesn't truly happen until fall...I'm waiting..impatiently ;)

  3. OMG!! That view is to die for!! Lucky lucky girl!!