Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Let's Celebrate!

So I'm blogging from my brand new bedroom! Very excited to have internet again, even though it's been only a few short days between the chaos of moving and not having internet I feel like I opened my inbox to about 9485764587 new messages and had about that many to send out, so last up is updating the blog and then I can rest! (well sort of...I still have unpacking, decorating, packing again for our trip, and preparing for the new school year) but all of these are minor details right?

In any event here I am to update all of you on what I've been up to! This past weekend we celebrated the 40th wedding anniversary of Mr. Jones' parents! They hosted a huge party at their house and it was a fun day of family, friends, sunshine (which SF seems to be lacking!!) and most importantly love! "Dad" Jones and his band were the entertainment for the evening which resulted in lots of sing-alongs, silly dancing and a great time!

"The Classics" Here's the band rocking away!

The Lovely Couple! Happy 40th!

A packed house full of family and friends!

Here are the "JoBros" and family friends. Far Left: Alex Jones, Center: The Handysides and Far Right Mr. Jones and I

We had a wonderful time and always love hanging out with this crowd they are truly all like family to me and I was so touched by the amount of people that came up to ask me how I was doing with my family moving so far away. I am so thankful to have the Joneses in my life and feel so comforted to know that I do have "family" from coast to coast!

We pretty much spent Monday and Tuesday finishing up our move and are semi settled into the new place, I have a few photos to share but won't dare show you everything because's a mess!

I'll start with a "before" picture of the place:

Before: Living/ Dining area...yep...that's not even half of our stuff..

After: Or I should say Transition : Living room, we haven't committed on art above the couch but we were playing around with options when I snapped this...

Kitchen/ Dining area: The other half of this room is the disaster zone, so you'll see that portion when we're finished..

Bedroom: Almost there....

Well folks that's all you get for now I'll upload some more later, we have incredible views of Giants Stadium, the water and downtown as well so when I have another free minute I'll add those and hopefully when we get back from our trip and are more settled in I'll add finished photos! We are loving it so far and are so excited to call this home!

We also hosted our first guest for a meal today my brother (who is still here until Dec) so I'm not totally orphaned yet... ha! Looking forward to many more guests and hopefully a fun housewarming! Ok off to unpack a few more things!

XOXO- Miss. V


  1. Wow! It looks great! I am in love with your kitchen!

  2. OMG love the new place! Glad to see that you are getting all settled in. Can't wait to see it in person.
    PS- love all the blogging you have been doing, it is such a great way to keep in touch with whats happening in your world. see you soon. xoxoxo

  3. Love the place!! What floor are you on?? I can see all the buildings out the window :)

  4. Melissa I love you for commenting! Made my night! And of course I always love my comments from my regulars, Ms. Perk and Miss. Frappy ( hee hee) Thanks ladies it really is nothing I ever imagined and we are really lucky! also we are on the 16th floor.. so very very high up I love the view..I just stay away from the balcony haha!

  5. haha i would not be on that balcony either lol! wow 16th!! was moving in that building hard work or what??

  6. I would D-I-E die for views like this!! Your place is AH-mazing.