Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back to School...

Well it's day two of being back to student teaching...and I am loving it. I love all my new kinders and am loving all the hugs, waves and hello's from last years class. It's also my second semester working at the same school and with the same teacher and what a difference that makes! I really feel like one of the staff and it's been fun catching up with the other teachers in the lunchroom and hallways. I can't wait until I officially have a permanent teaching position in my very own school... wishful thinking considering they aren't even hiring subs this semester ;( I'm trying to focus on the positives...I am actually doing what I love every single day.. (even if it's not paid right now) I get to spend my days watching and learning from an amazing Master Teacher who has taught me so much.. and most importantly I not only get to inspire and motivate young learners but I also learn from them all day long. Luckily I still have a few more months of this "naive student teacher bliss" until I am thrown into the real world of job hunting...fingers crossed I get lucky like I did over the summer. Anyhow tomorrow marks the first day of my last semester as a credential student at SFSU... I can't believe how quickly it's gone by and I know I am in for the hardest academic semester yet...but I am looking forward to seeing my classmates and meeting my new professors. I don't have any pictures of the classroom I am working in this semester since it's not technically "my" classroom I feel uncomfortable taking pictures and putting them up but I will leave you with a few of NC/SC and some scenes from our window on this amazingly beautiful summer day, because let's just be honest here a post with no pictures is just lame ;)

View from the balcony.. Giants Stadium and the bay..

Living Room view...the SF Skyline

What I wish I was eating tonight.. instead it's veggie burgers and greens...

Charleston South Carolina... Bed & Breakfast

Historic District/ Museum Mile Charleston SC... missing it...

Hope everyone had a happy "hump" day! Enjoy the rest of your week!

XOXO- Miss. V


  1. Hey Pretty girl!! Glad you are enjoying your new class of kids! I was gonng ask you... is your credential program just one year? Did you already take the CSET? I went to school to become a teacher, just have the credential program left but been putting it off for a variety of reasons... the CSET being one of them... having a really hard time with that test :(

  2. Don't tell me that! I still have two sub-tests of the CSET left to take myself!! My program is 3 semesters so Fall, Spring, Fall through San Francisco State so I assume most other CA State schools would have similar options there are more efficient programs through private colleges where you can get your Masters and Credential at the same time but of course it's like 3x the cost...e-mail me if you have any other Q's happy to help!!

  3. I think I made the mistake of trying to take all three at once... there was no point in rushing so i dont know why I tried... Which one did you already take/pass? I am not very good in math so thats definetly a hard part for me. And History and Science too! Ha. You just have no idea what they are going to ask on the test so its really hard to be prepared! ugh!!

  4. Your apartment view is INSANITY! We went to SF for our one year anniversary two years ago and enjoyed it, but it was still too cold for my taste in May!