Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday...Trick or Treats!

Happy Wednesday my loves! Happy that the week seems to be flying by! Completely exhausted but enjoying a little me time tonight catching up on Pan Am, doing a little blogging, and taking care of a few things while Mr. Jones is at a business dinner. I wanted to share a few treats from the week so far... not really any tricks unless you count me losing my beloved sunglasses today. Complete shopping FAIL and feel especially bad about it since Roomie gifted them to me LESS than a year ago! UGH. (sorry roomie, must have accidentaly left them in the dressing room at Target, by the time I went back to look they were gone.)

On a happier note let's focus on this weeks treats portion of my "Trick-or-Treat" title...

I am such a lucky Auntie to spend my Tuesdays watching the little man of one of my oldest and dearest friends, who also happens to be a co-worker it really is a treat to share so much with her!

Cutie Patootie

Not only do I get to look at this sweet face but they happen to live right next to the most wonderful walking trail!

Beautiful view!

I've also been treating myself this week to some of these delicious sweet treats.

A classic combo that never disappoints.

And I've been treating myself to a little holiday shopping, getting prepared for Halloween at school with my bewitching costume and a few non candy goodies for my kiddos.

So excited to watch the Charlie Brown movie with them, another classic!

I picked up a few of my Halloween goods at Goodwill and managed to sneak in a little non Halloween shopping as well, scored a gorgeous in perfect condition winter coat! For a whopping $8.99! I really wasn't in the market for a new coat but it was too cute, and priced too perfectly to not belong to me!

Can't wait to actually wear it! With the weather still in the 70's I doubt it will be any time before November! But I'm already excited to wear it in NYC in Dec!

So there it is, a few mid-week treats that I've been enjoying! Now off to fold some laundry and write up my lesson plans... oh joy...if only every moment of every day was filled with walks in the sun, chocolate chip cookies and shopping, back to real life I go...

XOXO- Miss V.


  1. Thanks for playing along girl!

    Now I'm craving chocolate chip cookies and milk :)

  2. What a great deal on that coat. It is adorable!