Monday, October 3, 2011

Once Upon a Time...

Happy Monday friends! Happy that Mr. Jones is in the kitchen and I'm relaxing in my new Minnie Mouse pj's, unpacked, one work day behind me and still glowing from one of the best weekends ever. Roomie got married on Friday, and Mr. Jones surprised me with a Disneyland trip on Saturday. It could not have been a more perfect weekend considering weddings and Disneyland are pretty much my most favorite things ever.

Tonight I thought I would re-cap the wedding of my dear newlywed friends the Schroeders! I have about a million photos so I think I'll share a few faves and include my MOH speech!

So...without further ado, the wedding of Mr. & Mrs. Schroeder accompanied by the speech written by yours truly...

Whenever I thought about what I would say today I either got too choked up to put my thoughts into words or, there were so many things that I could say, so many memories, so many happy wishes and so much love that I thought it would be best to start from the beginning.

It’s Bid day 2002 and we’re the newest members of Alpha Chi Omega, we’re smiling proudly in our brand new shirts, on the lawn of that house that holds so many memories to be made and friendships to be formed. But in that moment we’re just two young college girls, the world is ours and it’s the best day of our life.

AXO love.

It’s 2005 and we’re in Lake Arrowhead you’re finally 21 and we’re headed to Vegas in the morning. We’re laughing until we’re crying, we’re surrounded by friends, we’re too excited to sleep and we’re about to celebrate until the sun comes up every night. We’ve totally made it, the world is ours and it’s the best day of our life.

It’s 2007, you’re coming down that escalator at Bart, we’re running all over San Francisco searching for an apartment, it’s moving day, we go out for drinks at night we head out to our Career woman jobs in the morning we dance, we laugh, we live for live music, we take a million photos, We’re in the Big City now, the world is ours, and they're the best days of our life.

It’s 2010 you’re in New York, at the top of the Empire State Building, Mark asks you to be his wife……you say yes…. You call me….we’re crying, we’re laughing, Your smile shines through the phone, it warms my heart. The world is yours, it’s the best day of your life.

It’s 2011, this morning, we’re getting ready I’m watching you put on your make up, slip into that white dress, take deep breaths, we’ve come a long way from those two new members of that sorority in San Diego 9 years ago, today you’re the Bride and I’m your Maid of Honor, you walk down that aisle you stand with Mark, you become man and wife. Today the world is yours Mark & Meredith, and I am blessed to share with both of you,

the best day of your life.

Thank you for sharing the best days in life with me roomie, I love you always.

Cheers to Mark & Meredith may today be the beginning of the best years of their life.

Well my dears, I guess fairy tales really do come true. This weekend was all the proof I needed. Disney post next, until then, "Have faith in your dreams and someday, your rainbow will come smiling through" -Cinderella.

XOXO- Miss V.


  1. okay, what the hell. I didn't expect to cry AGAIN reading your MOH speech. Loved it. You were GREAT.

  2. Ummmmmmmmmm??? Would it be weird if I just used this speech for mine next weekend??? Yes?? It would?? Damn...very touching and very YOU!! xoxo

  3. Aw that was adorable! I loved it felt like I was hearing something from my best friend who was my sorority sister too!

  4. Such a sweet post! Love her dress and y'alls dresses too!

  5. Aww-- I loved your speech!!! :) Thanks for sharing (and I looove* weddings too -obsessed!) Your bff is gorgeous. Love the bridesmaid dresses!

    I've never been to Disney. I am going to live through your post (I need to get my butt down there!)

    Hope to see your pretty face soon! oxx