Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday...The Happiest Place on Earth.

It's been far too long since I've participated in Jamie's WILW, so I'm so excited to finally sit down and make the time to jump back on to this fun little link up! I thought this Wednesday I would follow up with my previous promise and highlight my recent trip to "The Happiest Place on Earth"...Disneyland!

Sleeping Beauty's Castle...

I have to admit it really is one of the happiest places for me. I am HUGE Disney freak, as in I still had my Disney memorabilia in my bedroom up until Mr. Jones and I moved in together. Apparently, Sleeping Beauty memorabilia is not on his design radar??? ha. Anyhow like most girls I grew up loving all things princess, I know most of the songs to any Disney movie and still get excited about new ones, I've seen Tangled far too many times than I'd like to admit, and it may or may not be on my Christmas Wish list... But besides all of that, some of my fondest family memories were made on family vacations to Disneyland. Countless family inside jokes and memories were created during our visits there and I will always hold a special place in my heart for this very special and magical place.

So... when I woke up Saturday morning after one of the greatest weddings ever, and Mr. Jones surprised me with the fact that we would be heading to Disney along with some of our closest friends I'm pretty sure I squealed like a 5 yr old and then began singing every Disney song that I know...much to his delight.

So...having said all of that...What I'm Loving Wednesday is dedicated to all things Disney today!

I am loving that it was in the 90's on the 1st day of October and we were able to see the park all dressed up for Halloween!

Welcome to Main St. USA... only my most favorite street.

Extra special surprise our friends who met us there! Mr. Jones did a really good job!

Lovely ladies.

A trip on the train is a must...

Passing time in line... photo shoot was necessary.


Love the band in New Orleans Square

I am LOVING that we were able to watch the World of Color light and water show, absolutely amazing. Unfortunately I was too busy singing and dancing and squealing to take any photos..

Minnie all dressed up for Halloween!

It was a perfect day in the magic kingdom and looking at the photos makes me want to go back tomorrow. Of course there was not enough time to do everything but after a great night celebrating it was the perfect ending to an already fairy tale of a weekend.

Thank you so much Mr. Jones for making me feel like a princess.

Now when can I get one of these?

Happily Ever After,

Miss V.


  1. Glad you made it there on your trip!! What a good boyfriend!! And Space Mountain is my most favorite :)

  2. Thanks for playing along girl!

    Love the pictures! Glad y'all had fun :)

  3. OMG!! Disneyland!!!! ♥

  4. What a fun weekend! The wedding looked beautiful and you can never go wrong with Disneyland. We are going in November! Can't wait!! :)