Thursday, September 8, 2011

Viva Las Vegas...

Whew. Things are out of control busy over here so wanted to update on what's been going on! 1st off school started last week, and it has been crazy. If you didn't already know my schedule is all over the place. I was hired in my district in two different job shares, so I'm sharing two classrooms with two different co-teachers on two different days a week. Got that? Ha. Basically my new schedule looks like this: M: Teach 1st grade, T: Nanny Mama Kylie's lil man. W: Sub (or do testing or resource work at my school) Th: Sub or same as Wed. F: Teach 2nd grade. Cuh-raa-Z. It's just an all over the place schedule that I'm trying to get used to and feel like I'm 100% on top of everything, like anything new it will take a bit to adjust but before I know it, it will totally be the norm.

Our 2nd Grade room!

On top of all of that I jetted off to Vegas for the long weekend to celebrate roomie's bachelorette! But not before grabbing drinks/ apps/ and a photo shoot with my cutie pie sister who was in town!

A little blurry but couldn't resist love my Sissy!

I really wish I had taken more pics in Vegas but there was so much going on at all times that I totally failed! So I have a few but fingers crossed I can steal a few from the other ladies who went!

For the few weeks before the trip I had a few crafty plans up my sleeve to surprise everyone with once they arrived...

After lots of glue, craft scissors, paper and a great design thanks to Mr. Jones' brother..

I had my banners and goodie bags all set!

Finished products!

I wish I had taken a photo of the goods inside, but basically the gift bags included all the necessary girly items for a weekend in Vegas, mini champagne, cute undies, a shot glass, a pink water bottle with initial decals for each girl and a manicure set ;)

Oh and note the roomies name tag... is the Queen of Diamonds! Get it... get it... haha my cleverness kills me.

Viva Las Vegas!

Once we were all checked in we kicked off the 1st day in total weirdness just like I had hoped for! Masks, wigs, and cocktails were clearly number one on the agenda.

Off to the pool we go!

Super sparkly for the 1st night out.

Grabbing cocktails in the casino bar.

The next day was the joint guys and girls day as this was a joint bachelor/ette party. Total fail on the 2nd day! I think I was too busy soaking up the rays by the pool with the bride to be.

MOH & Bride to Be...

See...told you I've been busy. Yikes coming back from a long weekend in Vegas and jumping into my almost 1st full weeks routine has been rough. Not gonna lie. But tomorrow is Friday and I can't wait to hang with my 2nd graders and spend a relaxing weekend at home!

Hope all of you have had a great short week and have nothing but good things planned for the weekend!

xoxo- miss v.


  1. bach bash in vegas?!?!? yes, please!!!! hope school is going great! are you enjoying it!

  2. Sounds like you've been busy! Glad you had fun in Vegas!

  3. Sounds like your new schedule is going to keep you crazy busy!! Good to have all that different teaching experience though :)

    Adorable Vegas goodies...

  4. wow your work schedule is crazy lady!!
    and how creative are you for those vegas bags!! love it!