Thursday, September 15, 2011

Crazy Beautiful.

I'll's been a teensy tiny bit overwhelming lately. Between a new schedule that has me one million and one different places during the week, a packed social calendar until the end of the month, and trying to stay on top of my usual "stuff" I have put blogging totally to the wayside. I have been snapping away so that when I did have a minute I could sit down and share what life has looked like during the in between time.

Between all of the craziness that is the work week life has been quite wonderful. It helps having the photos to prove it to myself, otherwise, I'm pretty sure I'd only remember the last few weeks as a total blur. It's all been a crazy kind of beautiful though and I know that I'm just around the corner from finding my groove yet again.

We've been spending time enjoying a quiet moment people watching and lunching in the sun.

Perfect Saturday afternoon retreat...

With my favorite date...

We've headed out of the city to spend time with the Joneses and enjoy quiet small towns.

Mr. Jones' "American" Home Town.

Mr. Jones and I made a dinner pick up at his old stomping grounds...

Posing outside the restaurant he worked at in High School... still so proud ;)

We've been hanging with the Joneses celebrating birthdays...

(How sweet is that card... "mummy"...melt my heart Mr. Jones)

Birthday girl glass.

All of the handsome men working hard in the kitchen...

Looking forward to a repeat this weekend for Mr. Jones' birthday.

And Mr. Jones isn't the only handsome face occupying my time. Tuesdays are instantly sweeter since I get to spend them taking care of this little man.

Thank you Mama Kylie for sharing your little guy with me. I love spending time with your sweet babe.

I've been spending a little time working in my "garden" planting a few new things...

And adding in a few new additions...

Enjoying the view on a perfect weekend morning.

While I'm looking forward to things kind of slowing down, and feeling a bit more settled I wouldn't trade these days for anything. It's a perfectly crazy, beautiful, life.

Happy almost Friday my lovelies!

xoxo- miss v.


  1. Looks like you're really enjoying the down time!! That little man is adorable :)

  2. What a pretty little town :)

    Hope you're having a great weekend!