Thursday, September 22, 2011

Teacher Bag!

I saw this little link up over at The Inspired Apple and wanted to jump on the bandwagon because I LOVE teacher bags! My bag of choice is a Vera, because I'm a sucker for loud and punchy patterns and I love how structured and sturdy they are! I switch mine out here and there depending on what I need, ex: for my summer school class I used my "messenger" Vera Bradley b/c I was walking home every day and it was much more comfortable to carry, lately I've been using this cute black and green one because it fits my lap top and "teacher" binder perfectly b/c of the length.

Thanks Grandma for my cute teacher bag! This was a Christmas gift last year!

And here are the goods inside! Seriously it's completely a Mary Poppins bag.

Teacher Binder, full of lesson plans, class work to correct/ laminate, copies, worksheets, etc.
Oh and complete with my own personal silhouette collage. Which was the art project I had the students do on the 1st day.

Teacher treats...
Lunch bag, coffee mug, and water bottle ;)

Personal planner, stickers and band aids round it all out hahah.

Among these items are also my sub badge for the other schools I work at, about a million pens, and I always have my camera in there as well to capture all of the learning!

There it is folks! Looking forward to seeing my 2nd graders tomorrow I have lots of fun things planned for us, one of which is a nature walk and outdoor art project on big quilts and blankets to celebrate the 1st day of Fall!

Hope all of you teachers out there enjoyed my little teacher bag tour! For those of you that aren't teachers if you've made this far give yourself a little pat on the back and a sticker for making it to the end hahaha.

xoxo- miss v.


  1. I love this post! As a fellow teacher, I love seeing all the fun 'teacher things' you have.

    I use a Landsend monogrammed tote and the contents are really really boring. I think I have a folder, 2 pens and pencils and my water bottle, computer and lunch bag in there right now.

    Hope your school year is off to a great start!

  2. Fun post! I carry a big Vera tote like that too :) Everything fits perfectly in it!

  3. Love all your teacher goodies. That bag is super cute. I am late to Abby's party, here is my bag