Monday, April 23, 2012

Love Tank.

Hi friends! Well it's definitely Monday around here. Beginning with the fact that I forgot I was out of coffee...can you imagine? Pretty much any morning my only reason for getting out of bed is for that first delicious cup. From there it just was kind of... off. However not awful, just... a Monday. Moving on, let's discuss my last two weekends!! I have had some spectacular girl time over the last couple of weekends and as my fav Vicki Gunvalson would say, "My love tank is full!" Ha!

This past weekend Mr. Jones was in SD at our Alma Mater for his annual alumni soccer game, so... I quickly filled my weekend with jam packed friend time and it was heavenly. Lucky for me my darling Jules planned an impromptu trip from Portland which made it all the better, and my dear Cori was in town from SD as well! I really took zero pictures this weekend, (gasp). I had misplaced my camera, and am not a huge fan of iphone pics, on top of that it was just such a relaxing weekend that forcing a photo shoot on everyone non stop just felt a bit invasive. So you'll just have to use your imagination, and this one Sangria photo I stole from Danes.. (winos)

We spent Friday in the burbs at the Grindes drinking wine, munching on snacks and staying up waaay past our bedtimes just overdosing on girl chat. ;) Saturday morning we joined mama Kylie and little Ryland for brunch and then headed to the city to lounge in the sun all day by the pool. That evening Jules and Dana spent the night and we whipped up a Mexican fiesta, complete with homemade tortilla chips and Skinny Girl Sangria. YUM. Sunday I met up with Cori for lunch and the weekend ended with Mr. Jones home safe and sound cuddling on the couch. Phew... that was a lot.

The weekend before the girls and I tried something new for a Girls Night Out event... I present to you.. Wine and Canvas! Ha! What could be better than girl time, creativity, and take home art?  (oh and vino ;) We thouroughly enjoyed ourselves, although the three hour painting class could have been a tad shorter in my opinion,  but overall a very fun and different way to get out on a Saturday night with the ladies!

 Rach, Danes, and Tina ready to get started!

 Our art teacher who led us through the painting step by step.

 Myself, Rach H., Gina, and Laura ;)

All of the ladies with our finished paintings!
So proud of us!

All of these girls, plus lots of fun, a few glasses of wine, lots of laughs and heart to hearts, equals one happy lady.

So very grateful.

Hope your Monday is coming to a nice end and the rest of your week is filled with things that make your heart happy.

XOXO- Miss V.


  1. ooh, so fun! i totally want to do a wine & canvas ... need to get going on that.

  2. Looks so fun. I love those painting places, and sangria. Love that too! I Love things that make your heart happy, i say that all the time too! :)