Sunday, April 10, 2011

Empire State of Mind

Well another successful New York trip has come and gone. This was a solo trip for me, the last two have been with Mr. Jones and while I of course would have loved to have had his company it was important for me to spend some one on one time with the family and stay a bit longer as well. I can't believe how much I was able to fit in, a trip to North Carolina to start with and the extra special treat of visiting my family down there was definitely a highlight but with all of the fun had in NYC when we returned I have to say that I loved everything about this trip.

My visit had a little bit of everything, strolling city parks and neighborhoods, lunches with friends...

Myself, Anna, and Steff

A little bit of sightseeing...

Overpriced mini cupcakes... haha

A rainy afternoon spent at the MET...

A weeknight wining and dining with the Sissy and her bf... (a big deal for this major home body)

A quick stroll through the Macy's flower show!! Fairy Tale themed...this lady was in heaven!

A darling French film in Chelsea...

Followed by gourmet doughnuts...delish!

It was really hard leaving this time, however with this being my 3rd trip out there since my family moved in August it really is starting to feel familiar while still being exciting and thrilling all at the same time. New York and San Francisco couldn't be more different and I am so lucky that of all the places my family moved to they are calling NYC home. I was however so happy to touch down on Friday night and wake up Saturday morning to my beautiful city by the bay and Mr. Jones...

Nothing like Coffee on the balcony, a little sunshine, and home.

I'm definitely a California girl but I love having this little east coast love affair and rendezvous here and there, I won't be back to NYC until the fall so until then I guess I'll just have to have an Empire State of Mind...

xoxo Miss V


  1. What a sweet, fun trip! Love that art in the donut shop! : )

  2. Sounds like such a good trip!! I'm with you - California girl at heart, but I love a visit to the east coast now and then :)

  3. those donuts are making me hungry lady!

  4. What a fun trip! You're lucky to have a beautiful home and a fun place to visit :)

  5. Love NYC! Looks like a fun trip!

  6. a rainy afternoon spent at the met sounds like heaven!! what a good trip!