Friday, July 6, 2012

Feelin' hot hot hot.

It's supposed to be a gloriously hot weekend here in SF which I realize makes me kind of a jerk for being excited about considering the rest of the country is probably wishing that the sun would go and shove it where...well... the sun don't shine ;) but I'm excited for afternoons by the pool and a fun couples picnic we have planned. On top of that I felt that it was totally worth mentioning that I've been "hanging" with some major hotness lately...

First off... I watched David Beckham play soccer...with my own two eyes, three rows from the field, last weekend. I DIE. I have been OBSESSED with this man and his wife for the last 10 plus years. I legit wanted to bring his Autobiography with me in the hopes it would be signed. Oh well... photographic evidence will have to do. Sadly for you I am too lazy to upload and filter through the 245983479587 photos at this moment so... until then this will have to suffice.

poor you.. right? (promise real life photos coming soon)

Second... I saw Magic Mike, opening weekend with these lovelies and about a bajillion other women. It was fantastically over indulgent and I definitely threw my hands in the air and screamed out loud at one point. kind of, (not really) embarrassing.

 And in the theme of "hotness" I relaxed in the sunshine after work today with a glass of wine and early dinner accompanied by my own personal favorite hottie.

Love him.

In other news... I also spent some quality girl time with some of my favorite ladies this week. Dinners out and a quiet 4th by the pool were all on the agenda. So thankful for their friendship and for fun summer days and nights with these girls.

Monday night girls dinner with a few of my favs.

And just because it's too sweet not to share here is a pic of my little cuties at the Academy of Science today... love "Field Trip Fridays" during summer school.

Miss V's little fishies.

Hope all of you have relaxing and wonderful weekends. Stay cool my East coast friends and hope you enjoy the sunshine my west coast loves.

xoxo- miss v.


  1. i am still DYING to see magic mike...i think i am the only one that hasn't got to see it yet ;( boo

  2. They were building the Academy of Science when we moved out of the area and I still haven't been able to go in! I totally still want to! Did y'all do the planetarium? Love field trips to cool places : )

  3. I love how you took your subject from a Soca song! I feel Caribbean proud lol

    I miss reading your posts so much doll! I'm totally jealous that you got to see David Beckham in the flesh! Please post soon!


  4. missing your blog lady!! hope you are doing well! come back! :)

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  6. Hello Dear, great post and pictures, I really like your side! :) ♥