Friday, July 6, 2012

Feelin' hot hot hot.

It's supposed to be a gloriously hot weekend here in SF which I realize makes me kind of a jerk for being excited about considering the rest of the country is probably wishing that the sun would go and shove it where...well... the sun don't shine ;) but I'm excited for afternoons by the pool and a fun couples picnic we have planned. On top of that I felt that it was totally worth mentioning that I've been "hanging" with some major hotness lately...

First off... I watched David Beckham play soccer...with my own two eyes, three rows from the field, last weekend. I DIE. I have been OBSESSED with this man and his wife for the last 10 plus years. I legit wanted to bring his Autobiography with me in the hopes it would be signed. Oh well... photographic evidence will have to do. Sadly for you I am too lazy to upload and filter through the 245983479587 photos at this moment so... until then this will have to suffice.

poor you.. right? (promise real life photos coming soon)

Second... I saw Magic Mike, opening weekend with these lovelies and about a bajillion other women. It was fantastically over indulgent and I definitely threw my hands in the air and screamed out loud at one point. kind of, (not really) embarrassing.

 And in the theme of "hotness" I relaxed in the sunshine after work today with a glass of wine and early dinner accompanied by my own personal favorite hottie.

Love him.

In other news... I also spent some quality girl time with some of my favorite ladies this week. Dinners out and a quiet 4th by the pool were all on the agenda. So thankful for their friendship and for fun summer days and nights with these girls.

Monday night girls dinner with a few of my favs.

And just because it's too sweet not to share here is a pic of my little cuties at the Academy of Science today... love "Field Trip Fridays" during summer school.

Miss V's little fishies.

Hope all of you have relaxing and wonderful weekends. Stay cool my East coast friends and hope you enjoy the sunshine my west coast loves.

xoxo- miss v.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sweet Summertime

Summer is here my friends and it's been nothing short of wonderful so far. A few photos to recap life of late...

 Friday night date night at the Fair.

 Smiling happily in front of the Ferris Wheel..

 And then about to lose my lunch on the Ferris Wheel.. let's just say it wasn't nearly as romantic as I had hoped. 

 A day at the Zoo with the wild animals otherwise known as my summer school kiddos ;)

 Celebrating sweet 1st birthdays for pretty baby girls and a huge congrats to dear friends who survived the first year of parenthood! Love you Christophersens!

 Celebrating a best friends engagement...

 BBQ's and friend time to kick off the summer right.

It's busy... but good.

Life is sweet.

Hope your summer's been swell so far too.

XOXO - Miss V.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hello Sunshine.

It was an unusually warm weekend in San Francisco. We took full advantage of every sun drenched moment and spent practically the entire weekend outdoors. We made very few plans and just about everything we did was impromptu which was just the perfect way to wind down after a very busy few weeks. Nothing quite as lovely as a quiet weekend at home.

Unexpected date night on Friday. French bistros and romantic alley ways.

Saturday afternoon adventure stroll through the city.

An impromptu visit to the Cable Car Museum

we lazed fountain side in the sun..

among a little art in the park..

and enjoyed rooftop cocktails with friends..

and quiet Sunday morning coffees on the balcony

Looking forward to many more sunny summer weekends as lovely as the last.

Happy sunshiney days ahead my loves.

XOXO- Miss V.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

They Ugly side of Beauty.

Hi friends. I'm here on my little green soapbox today to share a few things I've learned in just the past week that I deem worth talking about. I've talked about our/my attempt at living a more sustainable lifestyle before and I'm here with what is more or less the third phase in this ever evolving and growing passion of mine. If you're interested I've talked about eating organic here and here as well as cleaning our home with green eco friendly products with my Living Green post.

Perched on the couch Tuesday night happy as a clam I watched a little show called "Pregnant in Heels" (obsessed ha!) and one of the mommy to be's wanted to provide a home that was as "green" as possible for her little one on the way. She ended up being really defensive when she realized she wasn't nearly as eco savvy as she thought and then they started dumping her cosmetics, skincare, and bath and body creams into the bin and she had had about enough.  I kind of laughed because she was a bit of a drama queen and then I realized I've never thought twice about what's actually in those items. As long as it looked pretty, smelled good and claimed to work wonders I was sold. Keep in mind your skin is your LARGEST organ and I pretty much slather mine in a bajillion products a day.

I've done some reading mostly in part to this site:

and made the conscious decision to completely overhaul our day to day skincare routine.

Which consisted of me yelling at Mr. Jones from under the bathroom sink "just so you know I'm throwing out everything in the bathroom so I hope you brushed your teeth today and don't get mad this is for your own good."

It ended like this:

I'm sure it pales in comparison to some (and this is minus my makeup bag) but that's a lot of stuff, some of it brand new, and holy moses that's a lot of sunscreen. I guess we're kind of Hawaiin Tropic hoarders.

Needless to say I've spent the last 48 hours researching just about every skincare item we have including shower gels and soaps, shampoos and my makeup all of which are missing from this photo. What I've learned is beyond disturbing. While I am aware that all of these items clearly passed some sort of safety test... they are on the shelves of the drugstore.. I've also learned that they are jam packed with harsh, harmful unnecessary chemicals that over time can cause serious cell damage which then lead to potentially deadly disease. It's no secret that the chemicals and additives found in most processed foods are killing us, and it really is very much the same with beauty products. There was lead and arsenic in my for real??? Do they know how many times I re-apply? I don't do blush in small doses.

I'm not here to read off every disturbing fact. I've provided the link above so that if you so wish you can see what's in your beauty regime. It's hard to throw away money like that, but to be honest so much of it has been accumulating dust under the sink... so I decided to only re-stock the every day basics...

 Daily lotions... EO whole body, TJ'S facial and LUSH lotion bar..
Still on the hunt for whole body sunscreen that does not cost an arm and a leg.. so far Aveeno is winning for price and lowest toxicity levels. I will say stay away from anything with oxybenzone. TJ's carries two kinds of sunscreen and this one for the face is the safest.

 Bath.. These are all of my body washes. (2 of which I already had) I put some of the Dr. Bronners into that little travel bottle for the shower. The peppermint scent is incredibly invigorating you can use it on face, body and hair! I also used it as my laundry detergent today. Literally you can use it for ANYTHING. For $10 and a million uses it's totally worth it in my book. Mr. Jones lucked out kind of in that he only uses Irish Spring. While it's not great it does score pretty low with a 3 out of 10 toxicity so I said he could keep it ;)

 Here is our hygiene routine.. Toms toothpaste, the peppermint is amaze, TJ's French Liquid hand soap, smells like heaven and has only a few ingredients. Just like food less is more when it comes to ingredients;) And the Alba all natural tea tree oil deodorant.

 Beauty. Here's where it gets tricky for me. I indulged in this Zoya pink and top coat because ALL of my nail polish had formaldehyde in it. Gag. This has none as well as not having a long list of chemicals other nail polishes do have. For make up I'm stuck at the moment. I wear drug store brand. I don't even spend more than $12 on most of it and the name brand stuff it turns out is just as bad for you. The ones at Whole Foods are waaay out of my price range so.. the plan is to go into Walgreens and find the best of the bunch. I picked up this little Terra tint chapstick for $3.49 that I actually really liked so it's a start.

 Here's the new skincare routine in all its glory...
(luckily it's pretty gender neutral so we can both happily use just about all of it)

The shampoo we use is already organic and earth/body friendly so it's not in the pile. At least that was one thing that didn't have to go.

I totally understand that this may seem a little extreme. However I am a girl on a budget and I was able to buy a completely new beauty routine thus far for under $100. Luckily some of the things we already have were good, and I've yet to buy the makeup but like I said I will not spend more than $12 on one item. So it is possible and in my opinion worth it. If I can do better, and the products are out there then why shouldn't I try my best to give my body and skin the best chance it has.

END RANT. Let me know if you have any advice or tips to add!

XOXO- Miss V.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday... wine is fine.

Happy Wednesday loves! I have so many things I'm loving right now but today I thought I would share some photos from the Napa bachelorette weekend that I was so lucky to be a part of ;) I'm a lucky lady to have girlfriends from college that are lifelong friends. What they said in rush was true... the sisters you have in your sorority will be the women standing next to you on your wedding day. (At least that's how they sold me ha!) Melissa was actually first a friend from the dorms and my very first real college friend. I will forever be thankful for all of the memories we've shared and the friendship that I have with her. This past weekend was just one more amazing memory that I'll forever cherish.

Without further ado... I give you Melissa's fling before the ring!

The first day was spent relaxing by the pool eating yummy foods and opening gifts! I have to pat myself on the back here for a second because I kind of loved my wine themed gift bags and it was fun to hand out presents before the lingerie shower and the bride gave us hostesses very nice gifts as well. The whole weekend was just one huge celebration this was the perfect way to set the tone!

 Above the bride to be rocking some super hot mustache glasses and 
 below posing in our "photo booth"

 All the pretty ladies ready for a gorgeous day of wine tasting! We started at Mumm Champagne then we were off to Honig, next Rutherford for a picnic lunch, and ended in a fountain at Francisco... pretty much perfection.

 Beautiful Bride to be

This one set the bar my friends. Unfortunately and fortunately I actually stopped taking pictures after we arrived back at the house. Which was probably a very good thing considering we were up until 2:30 am dancing, doing winetastic yoga poses, blaring music and just being the rowdy bunch of sorority girls that we are... some things never change do they?

Wine is fine my friends. Hope you too have lots to love this week ;)

XOXO- Miss V.